Bear float (Kroto-Deshka or Chulitna)



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  • Bear float (Kroto-Deshka or Chulitna)

    I am planning a float trip for brown bears. My father is coming up from outside and he does not get around as much as he used to. I am looking to go for an economical float close to home with a good chance at a bear( perferably Brown). We are either going to float from oilwell road to the mouth of the Deshka or East Fork Chulitna to Talkeetna. Has anyone done these floats and would you recommend them or not for bears? For clarification I am looking at the first week or so of September. That is the only time our schedules allow.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

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    I did it for 9 days. It was a great trip, but you need to watch for sweepers. Take light tackle for trout. We took a kicker for the long water. You might or might not see a bear, get off the river and hunt, and your chances improve tenfold. Once you hit the Deshka aka.. Kroto get ready for the crowds. To be honest I would not do it again as it has become very popular with the AOF. Military bunch.
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      You would have a better chance at a bear if you did the upper talkeetna,lots of bears,you need some raft skills,but all in all a easy float,P.S bonus Moose.


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        More people than I'd want to deal with but I'd do the Chulitna first. I've done both and as stated the lower deshka is pretty popular. I sent ya a PM.


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          There is also the option of taking the train to Gold Creek and floating the Susitna down to Talkeenta. Easy float and I've seen bears almost every trip (power boat) but I've never done it in September.
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