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  • Spring Grizz Up North

    Has anyone ever hunted Grizzlies in Unit 26 in the spring on snowshoes or skis? I was thinking of heading up in May and was wondering if anyone would be willing to share any experiences. I have hunted caribou in March and April on skis many times and love the hunt...so I thought that I might be able to duplicate that in May chasing Bruins.

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    I've done that hunt several times, and was successful in May of '07. There were times where I wish I had snowshoes, but they weren't needed where we found bears. I did sink a few times up to my waist while packing out the hide, but mostly was able to stay on top of the snow and ice, and there was plenty of open ground as well.


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      I have been on the north side of the Brooks 4 different times during the 3rd and 4th weeks of April. I only saw 2 grizz on the north side. The last week of April is a tad early for grizz but there were other reasons I chose those dates. On one of those trips I was specifically looking for a grizz, saw one just before dark, but it was too far away to make a stalk. I have heard (and witnessed) there are more grizz on the south side. I was rifle hunting. I would recommend the south side in May. However, if your rifle hunting it's harder to get in 5 miles on the south side. Good luck.
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        Great photo

        That photo is wonderful. It shows your living right.


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          Thank you. I think it's my favorite place ever!


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            Good stuff.

            Thanks for the responses guys. I agree with you JPOST it is possibly my favorite place as well. It is especially awesome in the spring.

            Jerod, did you see bears on the trips that you did not harvest anything?


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              Brian, I've seen bears every trip, but in 2005 and 2006 I only saw one sow with two cubs each year. They were in the same area around the same time, and I'm fairly certain they were the same bears. The years before that we spotted several bears every day, but I haven't seen it like that since 2004. In 2007, we spotted two bears on the first day. I shot the first one we saw and we headed south towards Atigun and spotted a large boar on the south side. We got within 50 yards, but he caught our movement and headed over the mountain in a flash. We spotted more bears, but could not get on them. Saw a few wolves and a bunch of other critters as well. I didn't hunt up there in the spring of '08 since I took a brownie on Admiralty. I plan to hit it again this spring.

              Here are the pictures of the bears I took in '07 and '08. Good luck to ya!


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