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  • This is what we're up against.....

    I got this response to some hate email the other day, just wanted to share it with everyone so they have an understanding on what we as hunters are facing in the anti the email and go to the link and look at the last picture on the page....thats the cub i killed.

    "Hi Jake. Glad to hear from you. Well here is your web address where you will find the picture of the cub (and yes, it is a cub). I do not claim to "know everything" as you put in my mouth, but it is obvious that this is not a full grown bear. Check it out, since I believe you don't know whats on your page- It is the last picture. To answer your inquiry, no, I have not murdered a bear before, and never will. I love the earths biodiversity and would never do anything to harm it. They have the right to live, as you and I do. What you organize is murder, you don't kill because lives are in danger or because there is a need for food, you simply kill for pleasure; to feed other peoples egos who are filled with the pride or successfully pulling a trigger. "

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    That sure is a small bear.
    But an awfully nice size for a wolverine.


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      funny looking bear cub

      No brains no headaches!


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        My mom always warned me "The world is full of stupid people"...I can see some stupid people have blurry vision too.
        Nice Wolverine.
        Murder? ~LOL!~ Our eyes look forward, our teeth are pointed and we can eat everything that swims, flys,runs, crawls, grows underground and tward the sun.
        Fact is You, BRNBEAR hunt for way different resons than I , but it still comes down to feeding the family, paying the bills and having a good time doing it. Making a living from this great land is never easy.
        Bears ar a renewable, valuable resource that can withstand haresting, and thats that. You need not explain that to a fool who wont listen.

        I can only wish you "Good Luck, and dont let the Basturds get you down."
        If you can't Kill it with a 30-06, you should Hide.:topjob:

        "Dam it all", The Beaver told me.....


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          The wacko anti's don't have a clue! Hope your picture don't end up on one of there websites. It could of been a picture of a gopher and they would of still thought it was a bear.


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            Jake, did you educate this person? or just let them live in ignorant bliss?
            "If you are on a continuous search to be offended, you will always find what you are looking for; even when it isn't there."

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              Originally posted by BRWNBR View Post
              To answer your inquiry, no, I have not murdered a bear before, and never will. I love the earths biodiversity and would never do anything to harm it.
              If this person lives in anything other than a mud hut and just eats plants they ARE harming the Earth's biodiversity. People, just living, building houses and going about their business have done more to harm biodiversity than all the hunters who ever lived!

              What a maroon!
              I may be slow, but I get where I'm going!


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                All I can say is toooo funny! Does this JA know what a bear is? LOL


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                  I learned a long time ago, "you can't fix stupid"
                  Bear cub, wolverine, surpised the writer didn't think it was a King Salmon.
                  Get that guy a sign

                  Sorry to the comedians I ripped off


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                    Shame on you for letting someone shoot that poor cub.

                    I do hope you set the record straight - if that's possible.

                    "Ignorance is bliss" and that person must be among the most blissful persons on Earth.



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                      I'm sorry you couldn't find your client a larger bear !!:rolleyes: Maybe one day in the future I'll have one just like it mounted in my den; That and his 10 foot brother. Man don't sweat the small stuff from what I've heard you're a professional all the way.If I had the bucks to pay you we'ld just go camping sometime, just drink coffee and swap lies.


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                        You should post his/her email address so we can edumacate them
                        PEOPLE SAY I HAVE A.D.D I DON'T UNDERSTA.....OH LOOK A MOOSE !!!


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                          You should ask these ?'s

                          What about all the helpless insects and birds that get Murdered while the farmers are harvesting your organic produce. What about the animals and insects you Murder while driving you car. What about the biodiversity/ old growth forests you destroyed to live in a comfortable house made out of wood. What about you carbon footprint you are leaving behind breathing and using fossil fuels every day. One can go on and on about what they murder. The sheer fact they and Al Gore are even breathing has slowly been killing Polar bears. Better help the earth and take your self off it and feed some plants with your corpse and reverse the harm you are doing right now. *&^% those eco terrorists!!!!
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                            ya this one cracked me up a bit. and yes they have been educated, gently, tenderly and a bit sarcasticly...i didn't even know what to say when he pointed out the "cub" i read it to my wife and she got a good laugh outa it as well.
                            THis kinda stuff can't get anyone down, sometimes it's nice to get a reality check from the other side of the fence, just to help us realize how lightly we need to tread in places that hunting/killing isn't understood. Keeping a gentle spirit on how we handle those less educated is what will keep our pastime and livelyhoods alive.
                            it'd be a pleasure bravo to share a fire, but i gotta warn ya, my stories ain't lies! they're all true!
                            stangersinastrageland...i gotta say your note was probably the most understanding view point on guiding from a subsistance lifestyle i've ever read. I understand where your coming from, i used to live in mcgrath and we'd make fun of the Mr. Cabela's that get off the plane every sept...we had guys in town that'd knock down a half dozen moose just for the elders and wisely enough fish and game never stopped them. We use the same resource for different reasons, mosty i just kill bears which most moose hunting residents are thankfull for, so i'd like to think i'm still an support to the local resident hunters and not viewed as a rape-n-run guide. rep points to you.
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                              The Bush sure gives great life lessons, dosn't it? You seem to have learned well.


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