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Haul Road spike camp?

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  • Haul Road spike camp?

    Does anyone know if its legal to gun hunt out of a spike camp set at about 3 miles from the highway as long as any hunting is at or futher than the 5 mile boundry?It seems to me that it would be less trouble getting the meat packed out this way? Any thoughts on this? Thanks Bill.
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    Yep, that would be legal. Most gun hunters just camp at the road and hike the 5 miles daily, but that's quite a haul for one day and it cuts down on the time you can actually hunt (as opposed to hiking). Sounds like a good idea.



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      A good spot!

      There is a nice flat spot for a tent about 3 1/2 miles out.... Just lower the tailgate and pitch the tent in the bed of the silver Ford! There is a good glassing spot too, right on top of the cab.

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        Becareful where you drive! If you're talking the old pipeline pad to the west just south of toolik I believe they shut that road down to driving on!!! The only roads you can take out are mentioned in the regs....all others (what few there are) you'll be citied and in the troopers eyes be no different then the numbskulls who drove out IN the tundra.


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          Air boat, or sailboat

          How about an air boat, or sail boat with a 15ft modified tripod, camo tripod. Might get me in a little farther than the truck hunters.
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            Yes, and it works well. There's a spot about 3 1/2 to 4 miles out, so about a 2 mile walk from the Galbraith gravel pit and a 1 mile walk to the 5 mile boundary. It's out of the wind and decent to camp at. I did it last October, unfortunately there weren't many Bou there at that time and it was cold (-5).

            It sure beats walking all the way out and back in a day. Once you walk out, you only have a few hours of light to hunt, clean an animal and get back out, especially with how the fog has been rolling in.


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              Yep, agree, its a great idea.

              LH, I hiked out to 4 mile, set up camp, and went out further from there. It made for a quicker and less painful hunt (if there is such a thing outside the corridor!)
              It nice to know that when you're hauling your bou back toward your camp, you are only 3-4 miles short of the road rather than the full meal deal....
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                Mud...............hahahahahha............excellent advice!
                I can't help being a lazy, dumb, weekend warrior.......I have a JOB!
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                  You're killin me!

                  Mud.....I'm getting back in my chair now from falling out laughing!!


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