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  • Trail Cam Flash & Bears

    I was thinking of buying a couple of cheap trail cameras that have a flash (not the infrared) for my bear bait sites and I wonder if anyone has any experience with weather the flash spooks the bears.

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    typically not affect them.
    have had bear flinch first time but not run then no response afterward. i have been in on bait when it has happened.
    now will it spook a really big, wise bear that will never return?????? doubt it but they do get big for a reason.


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      If it does not cause them to feel discomfort, it will not make a difference to a bear. If there is food, they will come. If there is food they really like they will come back again, and often. Trail cameras, as far as the bear is concerned, are optional. Each bear will probably eat only one camera due to the lack of calories. (OK, it's a joke, what do I know?)

      Flash away, flash often, with your cameras

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        Not me

        Was in my tree stand two years ago with a friend of mine he took a picture with his camera and as soon as the bear saw the flash the brown bear to not only charged us but she climbed up the tree we were in and had to be shot at less than 4 feet so i'd skip any flash. F&G asked why I waited so long to shoot, I was in shock that a brown bear could even climb a tree I'd been told that they weighed too much for their claws to support them. For the record they climb really fast!! For the trail cams I heard that if they see the flash they'll eat your trail cams. This was my experience with flashes so I say NO to flashes.


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          no big deal

          I have hundreds of trail cam pics with flash. I dont think they care. both blackies and griz like to eat them though. Buy or build a metal cover for it. hillbilly


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            leaf river

            the blackies seem to think they taste pretty good


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              Of my one season (last year) I was the only one that touched the trailcam's and my bud would bait the site. And of the almost 2000 pictures taken on 2 cams, you can see sometimes where the bear would look at the cam and in IMHO the smaller bears or the ones that came in skittish where more cautious at the flash, but did not leave or tear up the cams.

              I even had bear nose the cams, and as time went on we got lax in our prep and I let my bud do his cam the one time and after our return trip it was laying on the ground and the bear had taken a few taste bites

              As for weather it was a weatherproof one and they both held up great, I love them......infact I just started a Bear Baiting photo page in my profile. Daniel


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                Eating cameras

                I have about 15 different grizz that have visited my bait site the last couple of years. Out of all the bears, one middle age boar hates my camera. If the camera flashes on him, he comes over and rips my cam off the tree. I call him DLP bear. DLP has very distinct markings and I know when he has been around when I get to my bait site.

                I changed to a metal cable last year and the bear still thrashed my camera and turned it to the backside of the tree. I have always been able to repair the camera, but I know I am missing some great 10 second clips and pictures.

                I am building a cage for the camera this year, with some wood and sharp nails sticking out to deter any more destruction of my property.

                None of the other bears are scared or even mind. To include the blackies and grizz.

                To answer your question, none of the bears seem scared of the flash.


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                  have had two eaten now... i use the IR. no visible flashe and i stand on my wheeler rack to hang them as high as i can.. my young boar is JR.... hates his photos taken with a flash. pulled one tree out to get it a few years back... spend the extra few dollars and get one they won't eat... i like the Moultry myself.
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                    Cams and Bears

                    Bears like their picture taken.
                    When the camera flashes, or smells good, they like to taste it.
                    Sometimes, just nudge it with the nose.
                    Sometimes, give it a lick.
                    Sometimes, to the tooth.

                    Seriously, though. I get very few pictures of the inside of a bears mouth during the day. But, I do get a few pictures that were taken by flash.

                    Some pix of bears from my cam below:


                    Good luck! Sometimes the game cam is the highlight of the trip to the stand for that day!


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                      Keep clean hands

                      We've found over the years that bears will take a liking to your camera if you have food scent on your hands. Wash your hands good to remove any food scent and they don't seem to bother them(black bears). We have experienced less "investigating" by bears that cross our cameras without a flash.


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                        Camera and clean hands

                        We've found over the years that bears will take a liking to your camera if you have food scent on your hands. Wash your hands good to remove any food scent and they don't seem to bother them(black bears). We have experienced less "investigating" by bears that cross our cameras without a flash.


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                          I have had some nose and mouth picture on my caneras but no damage to it yet. My trail timers are what the bear seem to eat you find little pieces of them, or find them with teeth marks, or do not find them at all. The main problem I have with my cameras is people stealing them when my bait site is found. There shure are some real winners out there that call thhem selves hunters.


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                            Trail cams

                            I use rubber gloves and treat it like im setting canine traps. But the griz love my camera. I bought a lock box from and it works great. i dont worry about someone stealing it either. short of cutting down the tree it would be very hard. Hillbilly


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                              Never Seemed To bother them

                              At least on my bait stations. U can send the camera shadow on the black bears back in one of these.
                              I have tons where these come from
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