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Shipping from Anchorage to Kotzebue

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  • Shipping from Anchorage to Kotzebue

    I'm looking for the best way to ship 300 lbs. of equipment from Anchorage to kotzebue. Is it cheaper to ship it by air or sea? What would be cheapest?

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    300 pounds I would ship by air, Northern Air Cargo or Alaska Air. Everts would be a good choice but I haven't checked to see if they go up there. It might be cheaper by sea but probably by not much and it would take comparatively forever because its a lot farther by sea then by air. Recommendation, ship by air.


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      Ship By Air Cargo

      If you try to ship it by sea you will never know when it might get there. Its a long way from Anchorage to Kotz and I would be surprized if there are more than a couple sailings a year. Ship by air and you will know when it arrives plus the fact that it will still be one piece upon arrival.
      Northern Air Cargo or Alaska Airlines would be good shippers.
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        Mark at NAC in Kotz runs a first class outfit.

        Not as plugged as AK airlines at that time too.
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          Shipping USPS

          Break it up into smaller boxes and ship my United States Postal Service. Just send at least 1 month in advance


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            NAC, Everts or ?

            Alaska Air, NAC, or Everts.

            Everts is cheapest.
            NAC is best.
            Alaska is most expensive and worst.

            For the backhaul it doesn't matter much whether you use NAC or Everts because its the same office in Kotz. Grab whichever has the next plane going.

            Although if you are shipping all the way from MN, go with USPS. Make sure it goes Priority Mail and watch them put the priority stickers on each and every box. Give 2-3 WEEKS lead time, not days like they tell you. Have a contact on the other end that can verify arrival.


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