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  • Bow hunting for goat.

    I posted an early question about hunting goats our of Ketchikan and got some good info from some of you. I am making plans, but I have several more question before I send money.

    1. How is the goat hunting out of Petersburg?

    2. What is the best time to hunt goats with a bow?

    3. Since I am looking for long hair it would make since to hunt as late as I can. Mid Oct is pushing it for an air taxi, so does anyone know a boat service that take hunters out in Dec? These boat hunts, are they a drop off or is it best to live on the boat during the hunt? Cost?

    Thanks again


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    Nov on Kodiak

    Here is a couple of bow hunting pic.s from Kodiak. They were taken the 1st week in Nov. In my book Goat hunting anywhere and any method, the later you can hunt the better. I shot my goat this same year on Oct 20th this one was shot Nov 11th and there was a huge difference in the hair, which is what really makes a goat trophy.
    This goat was 2ft from Rob at one point. He shot it once it turned at about 9 yards and it is One Big Old Billy.
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      My favorite bowhunting photos of all time ... It's really too bad that second one didn't turn out better
      Bunny Boots and Bearcats: Utility Sled Mayhem


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        Gets even worse. The second picture was the last one. The camera was wigging out, batteries or weather who knows, but that was the last picture taken. So no Kill shot or after the stalk pictures, but never the less I think these two are almost as good as it gets :-)


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          I will also admit, The first picture gives me a rapid acceleration of the heart....
          .....Awesome photo! That would be my new screensaver........Ken


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            Mainland options

            I've never done it but my impression of hunting the mainland (Petersburg) is your going to end up climbing more elevation than on Baranof or Kodiak. The reason being is your hunting a native population vs. transplanted. As a rule the native groups have access to bigger mountains.

            Along those same lines.....the mainland goats get hammered much more severly by winter weather and do make way to the lowland areas near and around the deep fiords and waterways. I work with a gentleman who took a 10.5 billy in November out of Juneau and he shot it from sealevel.

            With the right guide and $$$$$$$ I'm sure you could get a crack at an "easy" goat.

            My self.........I've got short haired tanned hides around my place. I love the long days of summer and the great vistas of an early season hunt. I love spotting a dandy miles away and putting down some leather. Happiness is peeling the bark off an ol' billy at 10pm with the sun still a'glow. I'm even happier if he lands in a good spot for above said bark peeling.

            I don't bow hunt for goats but my impression is Sept. and Oct. would be best for a bow hunt. You still want em in the upper levels of the mountain and when it comes to bow hunting you need time. If you get into goats in the cliffy and vegitated mid level habitat your in for some serious scramble add some snow and ice and the fun factor gets dialed down a notch.

            I'd love to visit the Misty Fiords, Thomas Bay, or the Northern Glacier filled bays. I never have and a trip there would be worth it. Getting a goat is just icing on the cake. Plan it and don't look back.


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              Originally posted by Bighorse View Post
              I'd love to visit the Misty Fiords, Thomas Bay, or the Northern Glacier filled bays. I never have and a trip there would be worth it. Getting a goat is just icing on the cake. Plan it and don't look back.

              Gotta agree with Bighorse on that one. I think the country is over half of the reason I hunt Goats and Sheep, it just flat out don't get any better.

              Hide wise: I am still a Mountain Goat Long Hair Fan. The longer the better in my view, like the song says "Long Beautiful Haiiiir" Might be reveling to much age there..........roflmao!


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                Couple Of Long Hairs

                Anyone know why my files get shrunk?
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