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  • under gunned??

    I would like to know what the consensus is on the 30-06 for an all around gun up in Alaska. It has served me well down here in the lower 48, but need to know if that is ok for bear and moose up there.

    Should I step up to a 300 mag or a 338? I have 25 years hunting down here. Predators to elk and everything in between. I DO NOT have experience with moose or grizzley.

    Any and all advice is greatly appriciated.

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    Get yourself an 88 magnum "It shoots through schools"

    In all seriousness though we have TONS on this subject in the Archives that you can weed through. If you click on the search tab at the top of the page and select advanced search you can do a site specific google search.

    I did one for "30'06" and you can see the results HERE

    Welcome to the site!


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      rifle choice

      the .30-06 is fine for moose, but I wouldn't go looking for grizzly without less than a .300wm. Get ready for a barrage of answers. Personally, I use a .338wm


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        skill level

        For me, it's not so much a question of being under gunned. It's more about being under skilled and then try to compensate for it by being over gunned. That's where some real problems can rear their ugly heads. One will never be under gunned if they're over skilled and only you can determine if you're undergunned. Other's can recommend, based on their experience and skill level. Good luck.
        If you like getting kicked by a mule...then you'll "love" shooting my .458.


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          Under gunned?

          Hers is my view on the subject:
          A 30-06 will certainly kill everything in Alaska (Alaska Wolf Man certainly did).
          But! If every shot was at 100 yards with clear visibility all around and you never had to go into the bush after a wounded animal, than the 30-06 would certainly do the job. Problem is u can get into bear problems in thick alders, where you see the bear for the 1st time about 6 ft from the end of your barrel. That's when you want a Big Bullet with lots on knock down power.
          I usually shoot a .300 wby and as long as I am hunting alpines and tundra, I am perfectly happy. The closer I get to the Alaska Peninsula or Kodiak, the more inclined I am to reach into the gun safe and un-limber my 340 wby or if strictly hunting Brown Bears, my .375 ultra mag.
          I have hunted here a long time and I occasionally set down my .300 wby for a Bigger Gun and Thatís All I Have To Say About That. J


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            The .30-06 will work fine. Especially if that is the gun you are familiar with. It is one of the more popular Moose hunting riffels around.
            So I would say you don't need to get some thing bigger. Now you will find there is a lot of people with a lot of different oppinions.


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              Your good to go with your aught-six klickitat! If you find yourself with some extra cash the aught-six pair's very nicely with the 375 H&H


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                If going with the 30-06 use the best bullets and if your gun will shoot 220 grain good use it. The 30-06 will do and has for years. A Ford F150 will get get the job done as a working truck but at times the F250 does it easier.Your 06 covers the 30cals so if you move up go to a bigger cal,338 etc.Going mag 30 cal is like putting bigger tires on the F150,its still a F150
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                  Your .30-06 will work fine. Magnumitus occurs more commonly within the gravitational influences of skAnchorage.
                  Now what ?


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                    The first ten years I lived here I hunted big game w/ an 06. kills bears and moose just fine.As long as you get good bullets and can hit where you intend, the 06 is great. My son uses it now, I went to a 300 wby for most big game now only for the improved range if needed.


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                      sorry for not using the search function. I should have done that first. Any how, thanks for the input.


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                        Someone should come up with an over and under .06 & 375 gun. Plan "A", shoot the big bear with the .06 and see if it works... Plan B, shoot the 375 if Plan "A" doesn't work
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                          It's just silly to suggest that an '06 bullet may not work, but suddenly that same bullet out of another 30 cal ( your choice: 300WM, 300 wtby, 300 RUM, others...) is wonderful!

                          If an '06 won't work (but it will do fine, BTW) you need a W _ I _ D _ E _ R boolit, not a faster one.
                          Repeat after me: Placement. Bullet. Caliber.


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                            Originally posted by stevelyn View Post
                            Your .30-06 will work fine. Magnumitus occurs more commonly within the gravitational influences of skAnchorage.
                            Seriously?.... Not even a smily face? Brutal!


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                              I think Maydog and Bigdog are correct. BTW, if you're hunting with a partner what's he/she shooting? My buddy swears its unethical to pursue brown/grizz with an '06 or even a .444. I shoot my '06 best out of all the rifles I have. If I was hunting a coveted Kodiak brownie tag I'd take my .338 (newer to me, gettin' better with it though).



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