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  • Griz vs Man, man won!

    This is unbelievable, my neighbor across the street was attacked by a griz about an hour ago and actually was able to kill it before it killed him. This happened on the back side of Fort Greely , the guy was walking his dogs in some LZ's on greely land and was charged and attacked by this sow, he killed her with a 30-06 straight to the throat as he went down with her on top of him. He just happened to bring the rifle because of the all the warnings people have given him about bears in the area. Smart move on his part. She raked his side pretty good, his shirt is all torn up and he is quite shook up to put it mildly.
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    It is a sow that had cubs with her.


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      What happened to the cubs? Young or old enough that they might survive?


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        A gun, don't leave home without one.


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          The cubs?

          I am not really sure I heard him say that there was at least one other bear but it looked as big as her, I saw the nipples and she definately was lactating, will probably find out more later on. The guy and the bear went to the F&G after they skinned it in the driveway.


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            pays to be prepared!!!

            and lucky.
            and able to function under say the least!
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              That's crazy! Thankfully he made it out alright. A decent bear to boot!


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                I'm assuming he'll have to give the bear up, right? Since it was shot in defense of life and had cubs with it, I imagine that F&G isn't just going to look at this as if it were shot during a legal season.



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                  B M

                  Thats exactly what he did, he skinned it with help from some friends as he had never skinned a bear before and took the hide and skull to F&G and told his story, I dont know what went down but he wasn't bear hunting with his 2 black labs on 33 mile loop road, I am pretty sure of that. He is pretty **** lucky to even be alive as far as I am concerned, you can only imagine how he must feel knowing that he was properly equipped for the unlikely, reacted appropriately under pressure and as a result is still alive and breathing, the whole thing is pretty hair raising. Hiked around out there grouse hunting a hundred times with my son.


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                    The Truth prevails?

                    Speaking as only a part time Alaskan. I can appreciate what can happen just walking the dogs, I can't imagine him being punished for what he had to do. It would be a crime if he was! although I admit to knowing more than one game warden here in Minnesota who holds an animals life in higher asteem than a human beings. I admire this guys intestinal fortitude and hope he'll be okay... You know... honestly my biggest concern about finally relocating fulltime to Alaska is being procecuted for self preservation! (joking...sorta).. Much the same way I feel here in Mn except here I'm faced with gangbangers with guns.... Honestly I think I prefer the bears!...
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                      The real question is...

                      ... was he using a .243? A 30-06? heh...

                      Thanks for posting this. Most interesting. I'll bet he bids for that one in the fur auction! How is the guy doing now? I would imagine he's at least on antibiotics and pain pills...

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                        sow attack

                        somehow i doubt if he is worried about the cubs.

                        the .30-06 in your hands beats the .416 at home in the bsmt. gun cabinet evertime. luck is where preparation meets opportunity...
                        Cold Zero
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                          It's amazing he had as powerful a weapon as a 30 06 with him. Most of us, me included, would have only had a handgun on walk like that, if anything at all.

                          It's also amazing he was able to bring it to bear, (so to speak), as the the bear was on him. Tough to do at close range with a long gun.

                          He obviously has presence of mind and courage.
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                            Originally posted by cold zero
                            somehow i doubt if he is worried about the cubs.

                            the .30-06 in your hands beats the .416 at home in the bsmt. gun cabinet evertime. luck is where preparation meets opportunity...
                            I agree. In that situation, I could care less how many cubs the sow had or how old they were.


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                              TRaining reacton

                              Most hunters would do better than they think with a rifle. Most of us have gone over a hundred times in our minds provided there was time to react. Unless you prctice with a handgun regularly you might as well have a club. The average joe cant hit a human size target at 20 yds off hand under controlled conditions, without stress, let alone a chrging bear. This fellow got off a fatal shot because he had the presence of mind to bring along a gun that he was comfortable nad proficient with. Good job, I wish he could keep it.


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