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    OK, I tried and couldn't resist. My brother came up from Ohio and we took my 13 year old daughter out of school and on her first caribou hunt. She had a blast, took her bull with one shot at 215 yards with her 7mm-08 and then helped with the butchering and hauling the meat back to camp. She's a great hunting partner.
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    Nice family hunt!

    Great looking racks! It is nice seeing kids getting out enjoying the outdoors with all of todays electronics etc.


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      very awesome that you are a father that takes the time to teach your child. Congrats to your daughter, she'll never forget it!!!!!! good luck on future hunts as well.


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        Nice looking racks. Glad to see some people still use the "Ohio way" and teach their kids how to hunt instead of sitting around on video games and internet.


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          She'll certainly remember that hunt more than anything she'd have picked up in school those days. Way to go!!!


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            Congrats on a fine caribou to your daughter.

            As the father of 4, daughter and 3 sons I took my daughter hunting before any of her brothers, She was 10 years old at the time. She also carried a 7mm-08. She did not get to shoot an animal but she did get too line up on one. Then it turned it's rear end towards her and I decided that the 7mm-08 was not made for taking Texas Heart shots. I put it down with a 338. She helped butcher it, pack it out of the mountains and was raring to go again the very next morning. Eventually the female in her took over and it became time for all those girlie things in life. We still have pictures of that hunt and it will be one of memories to come.


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              Congatulations Bill & Daughter, nothing better then the great outdoors as her new "classroom"
              I got my first bou this year as well, it was quite the thrill. Nothing as big as what you guys got but its still my first none the less

              Thanks for sharing

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