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    Anyone out there use th Rivers West gaters that has the neoprene wrap around cuff that goes around the top of the boot? I just talked to a guy who hunted with my future guide. He said to get some gaters due to the fact he was hiking up stream beds quite a ways up the mountain. He didn't have any gaters, and ended up getting blisters due to wet feet. I bought some Wiggy waders for the deep stuff, but I am looking for the best solution to try to keep my feet dry.


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    wiggy gaters

    I bought some wiggy gaters the same time I bought my light weight waders. They work great and cover up to your knee. I cross all the small streams with the gaters and have the waders for back up in case I need to cover above the knee.

    The gaters don't breathe so if you wear them the whole time you are walking it causes your feet and lower leg to sweat. So if you don't mind stopping at each stream to put them on this would be ideal. If you are impatient like me I just leave them on and then take them off once I get to scoping spot to allow my leg and boot to breathe a little.

    I have yet to need to use the waders as I have been able to find low areas on all streams to be able to get by with just the gaters. But I haven't needed to cross any major rivers yet just streams/creeks.


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