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  • 2006 sheep sealing experiences?...

    Its been pretty quiet this year regarding the sheep sealing process. Most can remember that last year had its share of controversy and disappointments.
    It would be nice to hear some personal experiences, it seems as if the system might be working better than in the past. Any comments or problems? Any sheep that didnt fly or should have?
    I had an easy go of it this year. My broomed ram was a pretty easy call, and the bio's seemed to age it right on.
    Any comments on the "new" style tag? I heard one fella had his accidentally drilled in the center and top of the horn. It should be repairable.
    For those who havent seen the tag, I attached a pic. Its essentially a tack-like metal piece that gets pushed into a drilled hole in the horn. Apparently it's to curtail tag switching/manipulation etc.
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    no problem

    No problems. I was asked where I wanted the plug put in. I guess the only problem I could see if you brought in a less than full curl ram. Seemed to be an easy process.


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      You've gotta be kidding me. Whether it is repairable or not, that is absolutely rediculous that they drill a hole in your horns like that. I would vomit if I had to stand there and watch them do that. That is insane.


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        I was fortunate enough to shoot a 12 year old ram that was broomed on one side. F+G evaluated that curl by looking through a 5" pvc pipe and deemed the ram 1/4" short of full curl. Had it not met the age requirements, I would have been tagged and would have had to submit my sheep to the troopers who would consider prosecution. There has to be a better system!


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          It was 12 years old and still only 3/4 curl? Wow...that's some slow growth.


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            No, that's 1/4 inch short of full curl. Whaat do they do with that pvc pipe? I have to agree with shoot, drilling holes in the horns? There has got to be a better way.


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              I know this is of little help, more of a bit of info, but Colorado has been sealing bighorns like this for many years,,,and I just hope to have a hole drilled in a set of horns in the coming years, it would mean I'd taken a ram L.o.L


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                Originally posted by Bill S. View Post
                No, that's 1/4 inch short of full curl.
                Oops. Misread the post in my hurry to respond. Thanks for the clarification, Bill.



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                  man, that's one helluva big hole!!! I had heard about this hole previously and really havent come to grips with it. Is there really a problem with tag switching? Altering horns?

                  Difference between AK and CO, atleast for now, we don't have the stringent non hunting laws. Meaning we all CAN hunt them, instead of drawing the coveted 2 or 3 tags for a given area.


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                    Sheep sealing

                    They drilled mine on the top. I wasn't real happy with that but it will not be seen when it is mounted and on the wall. Otherwise it was pretty simple. I've taken 2 sheep to the guys in Palmer and always felt good about it.


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                      Finley, The guys from tok are bringing sheep over to the Palmer office. I'm buddies with one of the biologists in that office and it's nice to walk into an office like that and be welcomed with opened arms. Unlike the Fairbanks office.


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                        Seal/plug rams

                        My son and I both scored our first rams on the 10th.. guides did a great job of fleshing, turning lips, ears and whatever else they have to turn.. salted and had both capes ready to travel. While waiting for the shuttle to arrive in Healy, a couple of troopers came in for coffee, so I asked them if they could check out our sheep.. they had the equipt. with 'em, and did so. used a cordless drill and plugged both heads on the back of the curl, against the wall when mounted.. That is the same way the G&F do it in Wyoming.. no surprise to us. A report with pictures will follow as soon as I can get my wife to help get some pix on the 'puter.. Les


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                          I had mine done in Fairbanks. It was quick and easy. 8 1/2 year old ram. Broomed on one side and its very easy to see thats its over full curl on the other. He took a quick look, took a couple measurements, and then asked me where I wanted the seal.


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                            [quote=TradBow;28292]man, that's one helluva big hole!!! I had heard about this hole previously and really havent come to grips with it. Is there really a problem with tag switching? Altering horns?

                            Thats a good question, Dan. I donno the extent of the tag hijinks, but I have a hard time thinking it is that widespread. I really can't say though.
                            I didnt know that western states used the plug system until I read these posts.
                            And I have to agree, Shoot2, when that guy came to my sheep with his drill I wasnt happy. Mine was the first sealed in Fbks with the new process and the bio was practicing on spare horns when I came in. He asked me for input on where I wanted it and he did a decent job of it.

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                              The drilling a hole in it is just retarded.

                              I still can't get over this. The perfection of your mount is blemished for life with a hole drilled in it and a fake plug put in. I don't care if you can't see it or not when it's mounted, the fact that it is there would bother me forever.

                              Switching/altering of horns? Come on, any biologist/trooper/law enforcement could see that was done...getting the horns off the cores isn't exactly easy...especially when they are fresh. Do people take old horns from legal rams and put them on cores of a fresh skull plate (with illegal curls) and get away with it? Is that the reasoning for it? It just doesn't make sense. You can't tell me there isn't a different way.


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