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  • Alaska Moose Hunt

    I am trying to plan out a Moose hunt for say 2008. I would like to be as self-sufficient and as inexpensive as possible, not looking to be "cheap". Any suggestions on an area? Should I plan on a fly-in/drop off or somewhere I can drive to and then say float a river? Any special or out of the ordinary gear I should be aware of?

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    You've asked a mouthful in that short post, Tag. The first thing I would recommend is that you spend a few hours, or even a few days reading through the old archives here. There have been hundreds and hundreds of posts on various moose hunting areas and techniques over the past few years. Read through them and get an idea of what type of hunt you'd prefer - float, fly-in, etc, and then come back with more specific questions. Not only will this give you a great place to start from, but you'll find that more specific questions will get much better responses here on the forums. It's such an enormous state that there's not really a "best" way. Read a while...there's a wealth of information already here!



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      Are you looking for a BIG trophy bull? Do you just want to shoot any bull you see? Different areas have different guidlines, and different moose
      density. 20 B above Fairbanks is any bull. It was Sept.5-15th. this year.
      20 A below Fairbanks has a lot of moose and would be a great fly-in hunt.
      It was Sept. 1- 25 with 50 inch antler sread, or 4 brow tines for non-resident.
      Residents can shoot a sike-fork, or 50 inch with 3 brow tines.
      Also know of a guide service if you want to spend the money for a Trophy bull, and better your chances.
      Good Luck, Riverlover


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