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  • .338 Action, Model?

    I'm thinking about getting a .338 for moose and Colorado Elk Hunting. I've always shot a semi-auto but am thinking about going to a bolt action. Does anyone have any advice as far as brand or model? I've looked at the Browning and the Winchester and they both seem like good guns. I'm thinking about stainless with a synthetic stock but have also heard good things about the laminate. Also, I'd like to keep the weight down if at all possible. Any suggestions or advice?

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    Of those two, I'd go with Winchester...but only out of personal preference, no valid reason it's better. Also consider Ruger and Tikka, or have one built on an MRC action. If I were getting a new .338, I'd get a 26" barrel( not a great weight difference for a hundred fps or so), but the Win 70 XTR I have now has worked fine. A lot of folks say you need CRF, but I've have a few feeding problems with my CRF rifles and none ever with my push-feeds...but, there's gotta be a reason folks swear by the CRF. Laminate won't save weight, so if you have to go either laminate or synthetic (I'd go with a nice walnut stock, personally) the synthetic will likely be lighter.

    My choice given your criteria would probably be a Ruger or Tikka, stainless/synthetic.


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      How about a .340 Wby


      Not sure if you have looked at this option, but I was contemplating the decision of a .338 Win Mag or a .340 Wby and what I saw with my own eyes made my decision really easy.

      Some guys and I from a hunting camp I am a member of were shooting at a 1/2 inch steel plate we had hanging (from the top, not secured at the bottom) from a metal frame 300 yards away. One of the guys had a .338 Win Mag Browning A-bolt and the other had a .340 Wby. Both were shooting 210 Nosler Partitions and the .338 made a huge dent in the steel.....the .340 Wby went through it, like a hot knife through butter.

      Now that is some knock down power. I bought the .340 Wby.

      Just some food for thought.
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        Look at the Kimber

        This will be my next rifle purchase. I have not yet decided between the Montana or the Standard models. Good hunting.


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          338 action

          Lawdog--yeah!!! right!!!!


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            I just started shooting the 338 this moose season. Remington synthetic, stainless. It kicked pretty hard and I couldn't shoot it for extended time. Then the recoil broke the scope mounts. Went in to shop and had better mounts put on, took off the recoil pad and put on a "limbsaver" recoil pad.
            Went to range sighted it at 2.5 inches high at 100 yards. At 200 yards it was hitting the bulls eye. Went out moose hunting, and saw a moose way out in the middle of a swamp. Stalked up to a little bush and it started moving. This was 300 yards +, I hit the moose( from prone position) after aiming just above the hump. Because it was moving it landed just behind the lungs. When I finally got down there it was laying down, and I took a lung shot.
            My 7mm Remington rifle is a better long shot gun. But it's nice to have the 338 in bear country. And the lighter gun is very nice also.
            The remington sighted in really nice with just using 225 grain CoreLok,
            made by Remington. I know Winchester makes a 200 grain.
            I like the 338 now, and since I deer hunt around brown bear will probably make this the rifle I use.
            Hope this helps, Riverlover


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              I meant to say that I have not yey decided between the classic or montana in the .338.


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                I have a browning a-bolt with a synthetic stock. Love it. Shoots 225 barnes x great with h4350. It is a 26 inch bbl and at 100 yards a 5 shot group it will make just one hole


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                  I also own an A-Bolt and it is a tack driver.


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                    325 Wsm?

                    Another round that is close to the 338 and might be a good investment since winchester has gone bye bye is the .325 WSM. I have friends that want the round but dealers here cant keep rifles chambered in it on the shelf. I have heard good things so far about it's field performance. I believe that Kimber makes it in the 8400 montana WSM and if you can find it in a model 70 it would be worth the purchase. My two cents! Hope it helps.


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                      Win 70

                      Winchester 70 Classic Stainless in 338 Win

                      if you can find one!


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                        Originally posted by alaska bush man View Post
                        Winchester 70 Classic Stainless in 338 Win

                        if you can find one!
                        I have one with the BOSS on it...and it's for sale too. I'm thinking of going to a 325 WSM. I do like the gun but I'm left handed and it's a right hand action.
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                          Sako AV 338 20 inch

                          I have a Sako 338 20 inch wood stock. I love it; it is easily the most accurate rifle I have. It drives tacks. Also, anything I shoot (boar and deer) dies on the hoof. I don't wait to see if it is down because it is always down. In the event I hit something that was not in the kill zone, it doesn't matter because the 338 crushes bone so I know it is thoroughly anchored, it ain't going anywhere.

                          I am also sold on Sako as a production rifle, it cannot be beat. Look at them and see the grea quality. It doesn't matter whether it is a AV or Hunter 75 (I haven't the pleasure yet to try a Hunter 85), when compared to other production rifles, they are the cat's meow.

                          Now there are some Sako collectors that like certain ones over others (AV vs. Hunter 75) but there is no difference in them when comparing say a Sako vs. Remington. I know, all I would own is Remington before and for the money they are the best. But if you want something more than a Chevy/Ford quality, get a Sako.

                          BTW, I own Ford too so I am not against Chevy/Ford. In fact, I still sthink they make some of the best vehicles in the world. So please don't think I am bashing Chevy/Ford; I wish folks would look at them the same way as say the imports most people now drive.

                          Anyway, really give Sako a try, it is so rare to find someone who simply doesn't love their Sako, I know there are some but by-and-LARGE everyone loves them.


                          PS if you have a lot of money, consider a mint Browning FN Safari 338/375 (I am for my next one).


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                            I think most any big name modern rifle will perform well for you. Rather than take others advice, I'd suggest you handle the guns in the gun store and shoulder the rifles and see which one seems to fit better. Rifle fit is very important if you want to be more than a mediocre shot, some rifles just feel right to you, others don't.


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                              I Have just about finished sighting in my new Ruger M77 Mark 2 stainless .338 and am pretty happy with it. The factory trigger sucked, but nothing al little time with a file didn't fix. I put on a limbsaver before the first shot and recoil is nothing. $509 at wally-world.

                              If I could do it over I would buy the Remington XCR in .375 H&H. Just shot my father-in-law's and it is sweet. Factory limbsaver pad and recoil is identical to the .338. Remington has a very good trigger out of the box.


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