Was late to work today because....



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  • Was late to work today because....

    I was packing moose untill 3:30am!We ended up dropping a 52" at 7:00pm last night just north of Palmer.He was a 2x3 and had two cows,one of which was none to happy with us.She circled us while grunting and whining for the whole butchering job.Got a call at 8:00pm while we were cutting that our other hunting partner just dropped a 55",3x4 that had five cows with him in the knik area.He was looking for some help because he shot him about a mile and a half from the truck!I delcined the invite.

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    Talk about...

    waiting till the last minute! That's good work. Sounds like you had your work cut out for you. Any pics?



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      Unit 14 is open untill the 30th unless of course you were talking about the amount of daylight,lol.I only had 3 pictures left on my disposable.No one eles had a camara.I will try to post when I get the pics back in a few weeks.(yes martentrapper,I am still using disposables,lol)


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        Well, I hope your employer excused you...

        & didn't gig you for being late...


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          No,the boss was understanding....as long as I grill up some steaks for the crew tomarrow!


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            I would have been Gruff at first trying to be all hard, & then say..."When you cooking me some!" )


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              Still a disposable........hmmmmmmm.............and you with hundreds of bucks of mounts in the house!!!!!!!!!!!!
              So did you cape the moose? That cape would pay for a dandy digital. You know those kids aren't getting any younger.
              If by chance you have the cape and want to sell it, I know someone who is anxious to buy one................besides fullkurl...........and they'll pay cash.
              I can't help being a lazy, dumb, weekend warrior.......I have a JOB!
              I have less friends now!!


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                My friend who shot the moose prefers to leave the hair on his quarters untill they get home.So the cape is in piece's.I will keep my eye open for a cape though.


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