Anyone know of a good Skull Cleaning Place?



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    Skull Cleaning

    Stop in my shop, Im in Fairbanks and take care of you.
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      you should go see yukon over at tall tales taxidermy, he does a very nice job with a power washer, yep a power washer,


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        You can DIY. I did about five skulls last year. Here is a link to the thread.
        Bearslayer, with a moose skull because of its size it would be best to use the cold water maceration method. Which is soaking it in water for a long time. Keep the antlers out or they will water stain. Here are a couple links. I used this method to do my caribou skull this year.

        Just to back up what has been said, the power washers do work great. Just watch out for loose teeth when washing.
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          Ditto on Skulls Unlimited. Outstanding work.

          I have 5 or so skulls of bears and mountain lions, and the one done by Skulls Unlimited stands out. Perfectly cleaned and virtually no stains. I just sent a bison skull to them - $140, I think.

          By the way, the show Dirty Jobs had a segment on Skulls Unlimited... it was pretty neat. They had a Blue Whale skull come in on an 18 wheeler from a museum to be cleaned.


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            Skull Cleaning

            Originally posted by kashwitna View Post
            Does anyone have contact information for any of the guys mentioned that have a beetle colony and live around the anchorage area? I've spent a few minutes shopping around and wasn't able to come up with a phone number, any help would be appreciated.
            Yes you can drop it off at Hunter Fisher Taxidermy, yes I said Hunter Fisher Taxidermy, New owners and they have a beetle colony out in the valley at Tundra Tanning and Taxidermy. We will soon have a good colony in Anchorage too.


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