Anyone know of a good Skull Cleaning Place?



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    AK do you have a number for Kenny or a way for me to get in contact with him? He's not listed in the phone book under taxidermy or Skulls & Bones. Thanks


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      kenny at Skulls and bones

      I will get his number and pass it on.
      He has my sons Brown bear from last fall done and I need to go pick it up.
      Kenny lives down Gas Well road just off K-Beach. if you go straight down Gas well, don't make any turns. He is on the right side of the road after you leave the pavement.
      When you come to a fork in the trail, take it!

      Rentals for Canoes, Kayaks, Rafts, boats serving the Kenai canoe trail system and the Kenai river for over 15 years.


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        Thanks Max. I have a brown bear that I need to get done also.


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          Kenny jones is a pretty nice guy. I was fortunate enough to meet him this fall. He has my black bear skull. He also did the fleshing of the hide and dropped it at Alpha fur dressors for me. I already have the hide back didnt take long at all.

          if it is ok here is Kenny's info.

          Skulls and Bones by Kenny Jones
          48640 jones rd
          soldotna alaska 99669


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            Alternative method

            I might have missed what kind of skull you are trying to clean. I've been doing my own skulls now for a few years. To clean sheep skulls, you first need to soak the head in order to pop the horns off the skull, this year, after the horns came off the skull, I didn't have time to get to it right away,so I just left the skull soaking in a large garbage can full of water. Think I left it in there for 6 weeks. When I took it out the rotted flesh just all peeled off. The intricate nasal passages especially came out really well. After that I soak in a sloution of water and borax to get any remaining bits. I then soak in a degreaser (times vary depending on skull type). Iuse Coleman fuel for this. Final step is soak in 40% peroxide. BTW-surprisingly this method wasn't as stinky as you'd think. I guess the water in the can contained the smell. You do need to plan ahead on what to do with the water when you are done.


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              Its easy choice, Beetles are the only way to go.



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                Moose Skull

                I am looking for someone capable of doing a moose skull...... Anyone know of someone around Fairbanks?

                thanks again.


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                  Skulls Unlimited

                  Gunner - had my first black bear skull done by the beetles. What an amazing job they do. Taxidermist sent them to a place called Skulls Unlimited. Certianly not the cheapest way to go, but the results are outstanding, in my opinion. What I was most impressed with was how every single delicate nasal cavity was preserved. Whenever I've tried to boil/bleach stuff myself, pieces always come off the skull. But the beetles left everything intact. I'm using them again for my first Sitka blacktail for a European. Not sure of all the cost yet, but they are fairly reasonable. I know they have a website so it might be something you can do stright with them.


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                    Second Vote for Skulls Unlimited

                    I really liked the Black Bear from Skulls Unlimited I had done.


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                      Alaska Skulls in Chugiak. Beetle method, with large enclosure whole sale taxidermy prices.


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                        I'd recommend akpredator. He has a beetle colony and I had him do the skull on my Kodiak brown bear. I'm very impressed with the results and couldn't have been happier. I'll try to post pictures of how my skull turned out.


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                          Sand fleas. If you know someone along the coast have them bury it on the beach or submerge it in a crab pot.
                          Now what ?


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                            Anchorage Area?

                            Does anyone have contact information for any of the guys mentioned that have a beetle colony and live around the anchorage area? I've spent a few minutes shopping around and wasn't able to come up with a phone number, any help would be appreciated.


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                              Web Site

                              The web site for Skulls Unlimited is:

                              I've had a black bear and an antelope skull done by them VERY pleased with both. They don't do skulls for $10 but they do quality work.



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                                Skulls & Bones

                                If you are willing to drive to Soldotna, I would recommend Skulls & Bones by Kenny Jones. A friend and I both had bear skulls done last year and we are both pleased with the results. Kenny is a great guy too; learned some new fleshing techniques and got a tour of the beetle colonies when I dropped the skulls off. His number is (907) 260-6592.

                                Way to dig up an old thread!



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