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October Archery Caribou hunt

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  • October Archery Caribou hunt

    Any advice to a couple of archery hunters, meaning has anyone been up on the haul road recently and see the bou? We are going with our bows and wont go further than a mile. I packed my moose 1.5 miles last fall by myself in some miserable stuff, so I am putting some limits to how far we go off of the road. What other critters will we see while we are up there? Wolves? I have heard so much about this trip from other guys that I had to try it for myself

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    The bull Caribou either will be in rut or just about. For me I stay away from the bulls if they are in rut. Meat tends to have a very strong ordor. You will see foxes, stupid chickens, maybe a wolf. Most likely you will see them by cold foot.

    Vehicle. bring chains just in case of snow and ice. They do a good job keeping the pass pretty clean but it can get ice at time. Be prepared the drive up there will be alittle be long then normal do to winter conditions.

    Gear. white overalls work good.
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      We just returned from the Haul Rd. We walked in the 5 miles by galbrith. Didn't see any Caribou, but we did see a pack of 7 wolves. There were two black ones and 5 white / gray ones. Never realized how difficult it was to stalk a pack of wolves!!
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        Unfortunatly this is one hunt that should be abolished imho its a legalized want and waste hunt.

        Imho stay away from the bulls!!! The meat is more then slightly tainted if you get a bad one it'll be unedible. Local butchers (anchorage fairbanks and delta) WILL NOT take them! You might find someone who feels bad enough to cut it up for you but it's highly unlikely. The unfortunate thing is you never know till the animal is down. There are signs so pay attention before you kill one and end up throwing it away.

        Usually on the holliday weekend slope mt south is pretty good, don't over look finger mt area either. For that matter anywhere up to and over the pass once you hit finger mt or so you have the likely hood of seeing caribou.

        Good luck and stay warm!!! Fuel prices in coldfoot will skyrocket by then so bring enough to last the hole trip.

        have fun.


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