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  • PWS Update / Fish and Game Out

    Just got an update from two boats that were out there the last couple days. One boat, 3 out of 4 bears stalked bears taken, many seen and the other boat saw 7, got a stalk on 2 and got both. They said now that the sun has come out the bears are out more.

    Coast guard boarded one of the boats on the way out of the sound so make sure you have your stuff together when going out, life jackets, registration, all safety equipment and make sure it isn't expired. They also ran all the passangers drivers licence on the boat.

    Fish and Game also boarded both boats to check animals taken. They were out as fas as Jackpot Bay so that is a good distance from Whittier. Hides and meat were at a camp of one boat and the Fish and Game followed the boat back to camp to check out the stuff so make sure you up up tight on your stuff.
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    Why would the Coast Guard be checking peoples drivers license's?


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      They are a LE agency

      The Coast Guard is a law enforcement agency and....if someone has an outstanding arrest's off to the graybar hotel for 'em! The warrant info is available in APSIN (Alaska Public Safety Information Network) and a drivers license number (can also by by SSN or simply name and DOB)is used to access the persons information.

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        Not everybody carries a drivers license, some people don't even have one and sometimes i don't take mine out with me on the water for fear of losing it.


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          PWS Bears

          I went out of Valdez this past Tuesday. I got a very nice 6ft bear. No rubs, hide is perfect. We hunted for two days (after work 6 PM to 10 PM). We would see 8 - 12 bears each time. Most are high in the skunk but occasional low bear.

          Great times


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            black bear

            also took a nice 6 ft. bear in PWS saw about 40 in 6 days. good times.
            Fish and game was at the dock taking surveys, but never even asked for my hunting liscence


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