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Anatomy of a Moose Hunt

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    Great Moose

    I would say 67 inches. Without a doubt, a bull of a lifetime for most.



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      Just Awesome...Thanks Mike for sharing your story and pics!

      And thanks for another sleepless night, anxiously awaiting the move...335 more days!



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        Great story and pics

        The success of a hunt is always greater with the extra work of several years invested in it as well. Your story was very enjoyable while still providing great info and a touch of ethics. Thanks for sharing- by the way the bull is 55".


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          Awesome post and great pics. Congrats to the shooter and yourself. Very informative post. 68"


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            The size of the bull...

            Okay, this bull was 58" wide. He has four brow tines on each side, plus a small point between the brow palm and the main palm that some might call a brow point. Just the sort of point anxious hunters want to be a brow point in a four-tine area, but the sort of point that gets you in trouble!

            The main palms folded in somewhat in the first third of the antlers, giving him an incredible frontal appearance. You can see nearly every antler point from the front; a beautiful trophy in anyone's book, but especially meaningful to a man who spent fifteen years trying to find a bull.

            On one of the hunts we did together, I encouraged him to pass up a smaller bull that turned out to be 55". I had an Alaska resident with me who could shoot any bull in the area we were hunting, so we let him shoot it instead. I think both of us are glad he passed on the other bull. It had shorter palms and was not nearly as impressive as this fellow.

            Thanks to all for the kind words. I hope your hunting season is going well.

            Tomorrow we go to Whittier for halibut; I'll try to report on that on the fishing forum later.


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              I was only 3" off in my guess...I could see that the palms of the bull swept backards rather than sideways, so I undershot the size a bit...weren't 2 far off...


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                Great pics. Good luck in Whitter.
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