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Barney vs Mystery Ranch

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  • Barney vs Mystery Ranch

    Well I have narrowed down my Pack selection to a G-6000 mystery ranch or a Barney External Frame. If I go with a Barney Which Model? I still don't know whats best external or Internal for carrying the meat! I'm looking for some pros and cons.....

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    Apples & Oranges

    For me, these two packs are for somewhat different uses...

    The Barney's pack is built tough with an external frame for hauling large, heavy loads (100-200+ pounds). Not to say that it wouldn't work as an all-around hunting pack, but to compare the two - it is made for bigger loads & more weight like moose quarters,..etc. It is also a great pack for more open country - like a caribou hunt - as there is a little less brush than mountain-type hunts.

    The Mystery Ranch G-6000 is made to carry moderate to somewhat heavy loads (60-130+ pounds) through thick brush and around/over lots of obstacles. For instance - a goat, sheep, or SE Alaska alpine deer hunt. It is better balanced and keeps the load closer to your body - making it easier to duck, bend, crawl, dodge, brush and the like. The internal frame moves throught the brush better and won't catch as easily. This is a very comfortable pack with moderate loads (50-85 pounds), as well. Not to say that it can't haul 150+ pounds, as it can - but not as well as the Barney's.

    It really depends on what types of hunts you plan to use it on. If you plan on spending most of your year's hunting days on mountain-type backpacking hunts (sheep, goats, & alpine deer), then I would say go with the Mystery Ranch. If you are tending to do more moose, caribou, and bear hunts - then go with the Barney's.

    Good luck in your search.



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      Well, I have used Mystery Ranch packs back when/before they became Mystery Ranch and were Dana Design. Apparently Dana sold the company and started Mystery Ranch for reasons of his own. They are awesome packs, but I just don't think they pack the weight that an external does. I have not tried some of their newer packs, so they may do better, but I had trouble carrying over 90-100 lbs before. SO, I went back to an exteral frame and bought a Barney's pack. Love it! No problems packing 100-150+ lbs, although it's still not fun. The gun carrier works great and you'll really appreciate the optics pouch on the side. Correct, it is a bit more unstable on rough terrain and is bulkier through brush than an internal, but you'll really appreciate it when an animal is down for its packing ability. Recently finished packing out a sheep 10+ miles with it, and I did just fine in the shale and drop-offs with stability. But, previous post is right, it just depends on how you plan to use your pack. Regardless, both packs are quality.


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        Both are great packs

        I am a pack freak. I own and use Kifaru, Dana Design, Mystery Ranch and Barney packs. The pack I always grab when serious meat packing may be on the horizon is a Barneys. Once it is adjusted for your build it is the most comfortable when carrying heavy loads. My pick is the Moose for its simplicity. The Pinnacle is new to me and will take some getting use to. It has so many pockets, buckles and gun sleeves that I will have to spend quite a bit of time getting to know how to best use it.


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          The Barney which one?

          I've decided to go with the Barney pack no which one do you guys recommend?


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            Have you looked at kifaru's web site, I have thier 6000 cube military pack it's great for every thing from rabbits to moose the long hunter is also very good and will probly be the pack i get next its a little smaller and a lot lighter


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              Barneys all the way Titanium frame extra wide belt and shoulder straps. Pack is the moose bag with the cinch straps. You can by a less expensive one with the ties and a skinny belt and aluminum. I had one for years and my son still uses it. I upgraded a couple of years ago and love it


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                first off +1 on seahawk/shawn siad about the packs, he is spot on. like apples and oranges.

                i own and have used my barneys with pinnacle bag for sheep, goat, moose , deer , etc hunting and it is the best when it comes to carrying a load. no pack is perfect and they all have their strengths and weaknesses. depends on you intended application.

                the pinnacle bag with kevlar material with 8 ozs. lighter and stronger than your other bag options at barneys. it has recently been reintroduced after several years of being discontinued. of course it costs more than the other bag options, i think it is worth the extra money.

                the kifaru bags are also incredibly well made, i have several. they are a little on the heavy side though. well worth looking at as well. again , it depends on the application.
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