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    Do you need to pack in binoculars in 5 miles to hunt bou. Seems like the bulls are different enough. How about finding the animals?
    Thanks, Riverlover

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    When my friend and I did the 5 mile hunt there were no caribou to be seen anywhere except for in deadhorse in the no hunt area, and we only saw about 5 there. That being said it took a spotting scope to see the 2 and only caribou we saw, so yes I would have binos because you never know what its gonna be like till you get there.


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      Last year when I packed in 5 miles, I took everything I would need for a normal hunt...regardless of being able to see the animals with the naked eye from a long distance away.

      Being able to look at the small herds that come through at long distance allows you to prep for the possibility of them moving through your area (or you to move into their path) shoot the big bull that is with them or...keep looking.

      When we were there we sat in our ring of tents and they walked right up to us. They were curious. They definitely followed a pattern of morning and evening movement, though we could see them moving at random times during the day. They just seemed to come close to our camp morning/evening time.


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        I did the five miles with a buddy, he took a compact pair, I just used my 10X on my scope. I was trying to go as light as possible. It was the hardest walking I have ever done. It was the beginning of august and wet. When it starts to freeze up there, does the walking get any easier?


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          Tundra doesn't just freeze overnight. It also doesn't freeze all at once. The heat within the ground varies from place to place and when walking over the tundra in early winter you'll find some spots frozen, and other still wet. You'll also find places just frozen on the surface where you break thru as you walk.
          Additionally, by the time the tundra does freeze good, your going to be dealing with snow!!!!!!!!!!!!
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            When the Tundra does start to freeze the walk get alittle bit easier. But martentrapper says there will be spots that will not be frozen. When I did the walk out in late Sept. It was a little easier for the fact it was as wet. Also the lakes/ponds were frozen enough for us to walk on. This gave us a break walking on the tundra.
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