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  • License fees

    I was curious to know if it is legal for a licenses agent to add additional fees to the cost of hunting tags. Two of us bought moose and black bear tags from "The Bull Shooter" in Tok last week and were charged an additional 4% cost because the purchases were made with credit cards. We were told about the charge only after he first refused to sell the tags if we weren't going to pay cash. All the ATMs in town were broken and we didn't have any other option. Is this legal or should I contact the state for a refund of some sort. Thanks for the wonderful hunt in your fine state.

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    license fees

    Merchants can and often do charge more to use a credit card. This is because the credit card company charges the merchants! 4 percent is about the usual. Many people do not know that mechants get charged by the credit card companies. It is not related to what you buy and there is no differance from a fishing rod or license fees, it is standard and it is up to the merchant to decide if they wish to pass the cost on. Often if there is much competition this is not done but in smaller less competetive areas it is common. Good Luck Viktor


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      Hmmmmmmmmmm........Why I understand what Chef is saying, I also know license vendors get paid a small fee for each and every tag/license they sell. I'd e-mail your question to the experts at:

      PLEASE post the answer back here so we all learn from it.

      Thanks and glad you enjoyed your hunt!


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        Colorado...Same Deal.

        I was in Walden Colorado about 3 years ago and couldn't buy an elk tag with my credit card. (The ATM was working next door though.) They said that the credit card charged 4% and the state only gave them like 1.5% or something...they couldn't afford to lose $12 in every sale.

        For those who have never been to Walden or heard of it... it is about the same size as Tok. When all some hunters buy is their tags, then the shop owner is losing money to just sell tags. No one really travels to the small remote towns to get outfitted for their trip. You may get the "oh I forgot the super glue..." and that purchase alone wont make up for the loss in credit card charges.
        When all else fails...ask your old-man.



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          The vendor "may" be violating his agreement with the credit card company. I do not believe that the state has anything to do with it.

          It is OK to discount for cash, but it is NOT OK to charge extra for credit card. Remember that for large purchases. Sometimes you can get a discount for cash as the vendor does not have to give away that 3-6%.
          I don't mean to sound bitter, cold, or cruel, but I am, so that's how it comes out.
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