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  • Kotzebue probelm

    Well looks like we now know who is the problem in Kotzebue. Shame it isn't the urban sport hunters like a lot you on this website were blaming last year.

    I hope the troopers step up their enforcement everywhere. Good job boys.

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    Good on the troopers. So what exactly does the guy not having a license equate to the larger problem (or at least the perception of a larger problem) of hunters deciding they can't afford to ship the meat out of Kotz and just dumping it in places or the dumpsters?


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      There was never any proof of that. Just locals complaining. Now look who's getting busted and complaining, not the evil sport hunter. Now I would like to know their real motive for not wanting sport hunters there?


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        Just came out of Kotz and we heard it was locals putting it in the garbage bins. Was told by the charter services up there, don't know if truthful, that when donated, the locals decide it was not taken care of to their standards and on the way home from picking it up decide to dump it and take only the real good stuff.

        I don't know their real motive but I know the cab drivers are making a killing off those hunters.
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          I've never been up to Kotz, although I've been up in GMU 23, thus the words "preceived problem." Most will attempt to do the right thing.


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            now are we bashing locals because the mayor got busted for doing something illegal? are we going by here-say for what locals do wtih the meat also? i am a local here in kotzebue and maybe you all forgot we have computers also? i can't speak for everyone here in our town or our region and if you don't live here and you go by what the "transporters" are saying maybe you should come up work at the airport and see for yourself what goes on here. i read the post on the moose quarter that everyone made a big stink about. how about a whole moose going bad before getting it to town? i'll bet the "transporters" probably didn't tell you about that? the troopers were called because there was some rotten smelling meat that they unloaded from their plane for "donation" to the locals. the troopers said there was nothing they could do because the meat was transported here to kotzebue. kinda makes you wonder what kind of condition the meat the locals were supposedly "thrown in the dumpsters". same thing happened last year with the same outfit and i was the guy calling the troopers last year but the same thing was told to me. i work here at the airport so i see things first hand and if you want to go by what transporters say you probably would believe anything you hear. fyi..... before you go bashing locals on public forums remember we have computers. it's not like we are still living in the stone age in igloos and dog teams.


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              "before you go bashing locals on public forums remember we have computers. it's not like we are still living in the stone age in igloos and dog teams."

              which is just one more reason there should not be a rural priority.


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                why the locals are being picked on

                "Now, some residents in the Inupiat town of 3,120 complain that the wardens are cracking down too hard on locals, said Sgt. Karl Main, Kotzebue detachment supervisor for the Alaska State Troopers."

                The same people who blamed the sport hunters are now complaining that they are being picked on by the troopers. Ironic huh. I just think it's about time everyone is equal in this state. Good job by the troopers. Obviously there are at least 3 troopers in this state willing to put politics aside and take a stand.


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                  Kotzebue problem

                  Let me offer a new perspective. I am also from Kotzebue, born and raised. The waste issue is far more prevalent with locals than with non-locals...plain and simple. I have gone to the airport and received my fair share of excellent moose from hunters that did not want to transport it back to Anchorage. The meat is always cut well and clean.

                  I have seen 100's (no exageration) of sheefish dumped in the Noorvik dump just after being caught.

                  I have seen too many freezers emptied out at the end of winter of perfectly fine food, only because they want new meat, fish and berries. I have actually asked many of these people to give me their food before dumping it and have stored it in my freezer and used it for another winter.

                  I have seen loads & loads of herring sitting in the back of trucks in Kotzebue.

                  I could literally sit here all day and give you instances of waste in Northwest Alaska.

                  What's more aggravating and infuriating however, is the hypocrisy taking place when a local resident is finally busted.

                  The mayor incident is the first local I have heard getting busted in all my years in Kotzebue, yet I know very few of my fellow Northwest Arctic Borough residents that actually purchase hunting, fishing and trapping licenses. The problem is worse in the villages.

                  My friends have no problem heading to Seward for halibut, Copper River for reds, and Ninilchik for clams.

                  Rural Alaska is always getting off easy and as mentioned earlier, it is primarily political.

                  These are the facts and there is no disputing them.


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                    Welcome to the forum!
                    Your post was interesting and eye opening, seldom do we read a post with such candor and honesty. I'm thinking that you'll get or have received some major flack from other locals for your stand. Its refreshing fo hear from someone without an axe to grind.

                    Its been said many times, there is not one group responsible for the many violations we see--every group has its slackers.
                    Its good to hear a "fly on the wall" account of non residents and non locals, and its great to hear that you've seen due diligence concerning meat salvage and the like from them.

                    It is telling when the Mayor himself is busted with so many different violations. It sure rings of hypocrisy with his past comments about non locals.

                    And the lack of enforcement personnel there overall is outrageous.

                    Proud to be an American!


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                      I would agree with everything average joe says. Seen it myself. Also can attest to the accuracy of spotted seals comments. Every group has their slackers.
                      However, if you read the article about Ross Schaeffer, you'll see the guy has had a trying time in his life. His statements about his daughter and her problems are true, as documented in the anchorage paper. His comment about grabbing the wrong box of shells also seems believeable. I'm sure many hunters have both steel and lead at home for different birds.
                      I don't think Schaeffers bust is representative of the contradictions prevalent in rural ak. Now if he'd been popped for wanton waste, that would be different.
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                        yep, yep

                        gotta agree with ya martentrapper, I have been guilty of buying a duck stamp and forgetting to stick that stamp on my license or not signing it, like others I'm sure. I'm just glad those were days that I wasn't checked. Something like that is a far cry from wanton waste IMHO.


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                          Case number: 06-87894

                          Another example of locals in the Kotz area getting cited for wanton waste which may be because of the increase in troopers in the area.
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                            WHy would they shoot a moose and not salvage any of the meat? What a waste.


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                              Cuz those dang urban sport hunters have no respect for the wildlife. Ambler is obviously a suburb of Anchorage. What we need is to make it really tough on sport hunters to get permits. Maybe if they are only available locally, people from Anchorage and Fairbanks will stop getting the permits and all wanton waste problems will go away.


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