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Caribou Success Mulchatna herd

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  • Caribou Success Mulchatna herd

    We saw a few hundred animals on the day of the drop including one completley blonde grizzly only a little ways from camp. The game got a little scarce the next day and it was raining pretty good only saw about 80 animals day 2. Day 3 my brother took a nice bull and the game started picking up again. Day 4 no shooters, lots of cows and smaller bulls (was starting to get nervous) Day 5 Animals everywhere, thousands. We stalked up on a herd of 72 and another smaller bunch of 40 and found my bull. While we were spotting my bull, we looked on the ridges in the background and for miles and miles it was solid caribou. UNREAL! They were like ants on every hillside we looked on in that direction in large herds small herds well you get the idea (It was pretty neat).
    Saw 8 other grizzlies but were not able to get close enough to the big ones for a shot. Also did some nice arctic char fishing, caught a spawner that was so colorful with his bright orange belly and white fin tips.
    Great hunt.
    Pictures can be found here
    This was my second hunt booked with Adventures In The Wild. We flew out with Aniak Air Guides. Excellent service, maps ect on both parts.
    Thanks Rob,Bill & Dave

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    Congratulations, Justin! After a lot of negative experiences that have been shared, it's nice to hear a good report from a Mulchatna hunter. Perhaps the herd is on the rebound, or perhaps you were just incredibly fortunate - but it's good to hear regardless. That is a mighty fine bull you took.



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      Great Bou!

      Great pics, Justin
      Lots of character in that bou. Looks like a double shovel?
      Agree with Brian, good to hear a postive report from that herd. Its been a long time in coming.

      Well Done!

      Proud to be an American!


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        thanks guys

        yeah, it's got a double shovel although the left one is quite a bit smaller than the right they both have a palm to them so that's cool. I dropped off the cape at Foster's today. They told me my spring Blackie may be on the next shipment. Woo hoo. I've never had a mount before and now 2 in one year. I'm stoked.
        Was also amazed at the amount of sheep horns at Foster's place. there were some real nice ones in there. The whole front of thier shop was solid sheep horns. So many lucky hunters. I love sheep pics/mounts. maybee that will be next year.
        thanks again guys.


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