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Bears and rain

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  • Bears and rain

    I know the answer to the question, is it better to hunt in the rain or wait for better weather. Is of course to hunt anytime you can. What I am wandering are Black Bears less active in the rain? Of the few bears that I have seen I can't remember seeing any in the rain. I know that wild animals grew up outside so I am sure that they have dealt with rain there whole lives. This thought came to me while I was out this weekend soaking up water and watching empty hillsides. I just started thinking about the bears that I have seen and could not remember seeing any while it was raining. What do you think?

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    I think it depends on how severe the weather is. A light rain won't bother anything. If it did all animals in Valdez would be dead by now. I also think it depends on the direction of the storm......a change from the dominiate wind pattern.

    Extreme weather can mess anything up. But hunting just before a major storm or immediately after can be very good.

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      my observations

      black bears will feed in light or moderate rain, and also in strong winds, but not when it is very windy AND heavy rain. right after the weather breaks is the time to be out.


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        Blackies in the Mist


        Here's a photo of a 7 1/2' black bear we shot in the rain a few years back (yes, that's me before I started coloring my hair)! Anyway, when the bullet struck this animal, water went spraying all over the place. Generally I don't think light rain is a problem, but heavy rain coupled with wind is another story. I haven't seen a lot of bears out in those conditions.

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          I have had good luck hunting bear in light rain.
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            Was out last week RAIN

            I was just out on Kenia lake last week in the pouring rain and saw two, but could get a good shot at either of them. I found the driving rain to be my inhibitor not thiers. I put the stalk on one of them and couldn't get a good grip of the slippery slope to climb my way up the mountian side. Thinking of keeping some kleats in the bear hunting bag. Anyway they were happy as heck just mowing down on some berries. Maybe they were hungry or maybe they just didn't care about being soakerd. Me..yep you got it slipped one last time called it a day before I really did something stupid. FFT.....


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