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Anybody use flip-open scope caps?

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  • Anybody use flip-open scope caps?

    I've always used traditional scope caps, but it is difficult to find a pair that are "see-thru" anymore. I am thinking flip-open caps might be a little more convenient too.

    What are your thoughts on flip-open caps? Any brands better than the others? Screw-on vs. rubber over-fit?

    Any info much appreciated.

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    I have used the Butler Creek flip open covers in the past. Have gone too using the Bikini style rubber covers now just for the simplicity of they fit many different size scope bells. With the Bikini style covers it's just a matter of flipping the rear cover off and they will sling shot away. Chaep so they are expendable.


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      Butler Creek

      I have used Butler Creek rubber flip caps for as long as I can remeber. I do not have a scope that does not have them on it. They have always worked great for me in any weather. I think they also have some that have a lens on the cap so that you do not have to flip them up for use. I have never used that type but if they work half as well as the normal ones they should be great.


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        scope covers

        2nd the Bikini rubber type! Simplicity counts for something. Also, before the commercially available variety- a cut cross section of an inner tube worked the same way. Been harder to find the super stretchy rubber inner tubes lately and... the newer rubber inner tubes make poor slingshots too.


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          I use Butler Creek flip ups. The ones on my 338 have see through lenses. Good for a quick shot. I wouldn't have a big game hunting rifle without them. As for simplicity, once you use the flip up Butler Creeks it becomes second nature to use them after a little practice.

          Good idea to protect that expensive scope and keep rain, snow, pine needles, etc. off the lenses.


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            Gotta dig for more...

            Well, that's 2 votes bikini - 2 votes flip...Thanks fellas. Funny you mention the inner tube idea George...thaught only use flatlanders did that

            Do the bikini covers have clear view plastic caps or are they solid black rubber? Does the rubber have the same "slingshot affect" in cold temps?

            I was considering Butler Creek flip caps. Are they spring loaded so that you just flip and they pop? Do they ever come open by themselves (if you've got the rifle slung over your shoulder)? They are the fit-over type right? What size fits well on a Leupold 40mm?

            Is there a weight difference? I know it's minimal, but I have never felt (or seen) either of these. Just wondering.



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              All three of my hunting rifles have the Butler Creek units. Mine are all the solid caps, but they do make ones with a clear cover. I have never had them come open on me, never had water get through. They are spring loaded, open very quickly. Like mentioned above it becomes second nature to click them open while shouldering the rifle.

              The only problem I could see with them is not having enough clearance between the barrel and the scope, but I've never had a problem with it.

              One other possible problem is on some scopes when you adjust the power, the eye piece rotates. I have one Burris like that on my .22. Depending on what power it is on the cap will open straght up, or sideways. Both of my leupolds the eye peice doesn't rotate with power adjustments, so they always open straight up.

              Here's a size chart

              My first rifle had the rubber bikini covers. I never liked them. They were hard for me to put back on. With the BC you just click em back on and push on through the brush. The BC's are easy to operate with gloves on too.

              I see leupold makes some flip up caps similar to the BC's. They are Aluminum. I don't know if I'd like that. I could see dinging a rock on the edge and then not being able to open the cap, or once you did get it open not be able to close it. But I havn't seen one in person, maybe that couldn't happen.


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                Thanks for the info FG.

                I have looked at the Leupold aluminum caps and I made similar conclusions (having it permanently attached exposes more of the scope to damage).

                I hadn't thought about the eyepiece rotating...mine does not. I think I will give them a try.

                One last question...I am a right-hand shooter, which way should the caps open?

                Thanks, Joshua


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                  Bikini's for me. If you're rifle is lefthanded, forget about the flip-ups. The rear one is a flip-off every time you work the bolt, and there's nothing quick, easy or cheap about chasing one of those suckers through the grass.
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                    Butler Creek makes two types of scope caps, solid and clear, see-through. In both cases the front cap is the same. You are required to pop the cap from it's seat and it will flip up with spring power. With the solid caps the rear one has a small release tab that you can depress with your thumb, allowing the cap to spring into the up position. The rear clear cap does not have this release feature. It's identical to the front cap but it's a little more cumbersome to use since you're pulling the cap.

                    Personally I prefer the solid rear cap for the release tab. It's second nature to pop the release as I bring the scope to my eye. I like the clear front cap since you can aquire your target with the cap on. Releasing the front cap takes a specific motion, while your hand is right there at the rear cap already. The clear front cap allows initial target aquisition and you can then take some time to pop it up it if you need to.

                    I've never had a Butler Creek cap fall off. I've also never had a Butler Creek rear cap collect water like bikini caps do.


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                      There's no falling off with a left handed rifle. There's knocking off, cuzz that's the only way you're going to work the bolt. I'll happily use BC's when they release a lefthanded version, but they can't be bothered.
                      "Lay in the weeds and wait, and when you get your chance to say something, say something good."
                      Merle Haggard


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                        I can see how the solid rear cap would interfere with a lefty. Perhaps you should try the see-through rear cap. There's no thumb release to get in the way. Or, use bikinis if you like them. It all beats sitting at home watching football.


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                          Butler Creek and Leupold Flip-ups

                          I have both and prefer the significantly cheaper, flimsier Butler Creeks. The Leupold caps (I got a set for free when I bought a scope from SWFA) screw in, are undoubtedly heavier, and may or may not find their stopping point on the (Leupold only) scope's threads at a position aligined with each other or the part of the scope you'd like to flip them onto. The Butler Creek covers tend to deform and lose the little pin that connects the objective lens cover to the base, but if you'll just keep an eye on it, the minor annoyance of pushing it back into position from time to time is worth a bone-dry scope when you need it.



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                            I like the simple rubber scope bikini. With the plasitic bulters you also lose about a quarter inch of eye relief. May or may not make a difference in getting clipped while shooting prone or uphill. Made a difference to me. I had the butlers but returned them. Also, when the rear is flipped up it gets in the way of the brim of my hat.
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                              All good points on both models. I have never used the "all-rubber" bikini caps, but have used a plastic version (with elastic between the caps). And, as mentioned above, they collected water and left water-spots on the lens.

                              Can you get the bikini covers in different sizes? Will the rubber seal around the optical bell?


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