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Calling All Goat Hunters

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  • Calling All Goat Hunters

    Looking into putting in for the goat drawing hunts? Anybody have any experience on good areas they put in for and enjoyed the hunt? I put in for DG339, DG346, and DG347 in 2004 but was not drawn. I will have three weeks in 2007 to do this! Also, If I don't get drawn, are there any good regisrtation hunts to do?
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    346 and 347 are a very popular draw. Good. luck. Go to ADFG and they have data on these areas.
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      Stay away from...

      Stay away from DG 335.I've been hunting that for a total of about 6 days. Saw 2 goats that were in a completely inaccessible area. I'm still trying to find a goat on something that is climbable. In my opinion, the area isn't too hot. Also, I looked at the Registration hunts for 334 and 336 for 2005. Looks like out of a couple dozen hunters, only 2 were successful. Not the greatest area unless of course you just want to get a whole lot of exercise.


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        ADFG Website

        You can go to the ADFG website and it'll give you harvest data for all permit and registration units. It'll tell you how many folks hunted and how many were lucky enough to fill their tags. It's a good tool in deciding where to put in for a permit.


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          Cordova Air Service

          If you really want a goat call Pat at Cordova Air. I did the Kenai thing last year on DG 335 only to find goats that were way in and way undoable.

          Pat has it all scoped out, and will show you the goats and show you how to get up to them. You will still need to climb to the top, find an animal, stalk the animal, fend off the elements, and seal the deal, but the money you pay them for the scouting, the advice, and the drop off is well worth it. Just cross your fingers on the weather.



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