How rare is a double shovel bull



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  • How rare is a double shovel bull

    I hunted caribou this week at haul road. I got a really nice bull (My first one) And we saw a lot of double shovel bulls. I had always heard that a double shovel bull is a 1 in 3000 bull. With the amount we saw, I was wondering if this is true.
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    No, it's far more common than that. I don't have hard numbers for you, but I also noticed a lot of large bulls with double shovels last year up on the Haul Road. On that note, antler genetics vary from herd to herd. In some areas 2 shovels will be more common, while in others it may be fairly rare. Perhaps someone else can give a better % estimate.



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      shovels of the double variety...

      They are far more common than 1 in 3000. I have heard an estimate of 15% for double shovels.

      Our family has taken 11 bull 'bou over the last ten years--two had doubles, just about on average.

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        I have seen more double sholves up on the haul rd. then the caribou out of Kotzebue.
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          A buddy took a double shovel off the Denali Highway this year.
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            2 shovels

            I have always heard that it was 1:5,000. I don't believe it either. I have limited experience with caribou, but they seem far more common than that.



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