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  • Moose in DM773

    Having hoped I'd make it up here in early AUG, just drove back to AK from NY. Anyhow I drew a DM773 which I had hope to have time to plan a decent hunt on, now I'm left with a few days that I can get out. Does anyone have information on how to access the area, I was hoping to fly in for a week but cross with a boat and then walk is now my only possibility.

    DM773 is in unit 20A, bounded by the west bank of Delta Creek, on the North by the bank of the Tanana River and East by the Delta River.

    Thanks - recent ALCAN traveler
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    I run that part of the Tanana a lot during the spring time( bear hunting) and your best bet is to launch your boat on the west side of the Richardson Highway at Shaw creek. Its about a 15-20 minute run up to Delta creek from there and theres a lot of moose all along the river. Theres a lot of sloughs that run into the Tanana on the north bank. I would imagine that you could easily kill a cow by hunting those larger sloughs. Its pretty thick along most of the river though so you will just have to hunt some of the more open areas. If it was me I wouldn't walk to far in, I jump cows along the river regularly early in the am and late in the pm just running the river. Your other option is to put in in Delta at the bridge and run north from there. Theres a commune type community just on the other side of the tanana right there in Delta but they are good people and wont mess with you at all(Whitestones).Good luck, I cant imagine it being too hard to kill a cow in that area using a boat, but you'll want to cruise up and down it a little to find the most opportune locations.


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      Thanks for the info, the tag I have is for any bull open until 25 SEP. Suppose there are some nice smaller bulls in that area too?



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        My bad I thought that was the cow tag, yeah I dont see the bulls as often as I do see the cows but I am sure they are there. The bulls are already starting to follow the cows a little here in Delta so cow calling should be very productive in the next 10 days.


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