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Heating a tent

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  • Heating a tent

    Thanks for the help and ideas in advance.
    I am going out to Kodiak this october/november on a brownie hunt and am looking for Ideas on some of you who have done this prefer.
    I have a large 10x14 canvas tent and a bomb shelter.
    The canvas is large and heavy but is a nice shelter.
    I should add, I will probibly be going alone, so don't need that much room.
    The bomb shelter is a 10x10.
    I have a wood stove for the canvas, and would take a sun flower for the bomb shelter. I will add that I wil not be sleeping in the tent when the sunflower is running.
    This will be for comfort heat and drying gear.
    Is it worth bringing a second tent, just in case?
    A smaller packing tent?
    Again, thanks for the help.

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    I prefer the walled tent...

    where you can put in a stove, so you can have the stove running without threat of CM Poisoning...the sunflower can be accidently left running, so I wouldn't go that route...but if it's size & weight, looking for light I guess you've answered your own question...


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      Kodiak... of course you want more than one tent. One for cooking & hanging out in, one for sleeping in, and one to keep the weather off of your bear hide. None of these need to be that big or fancy, although a larger tent is nice for the cooking and hanging out. Take extra fuel for your cooking stove and use that for heat. Buy the elcheapo tents that have a decent rain fly. Bring lots of rope for tie downs. Small dome style tents take the wind surprisingly well.

      PS invite a buddy to fight off cabin fever and a create blacktail gut pile, then shoot your bear off of the gut pile.



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        Sorry, but shooting a Bear off a gut pile...

        is illegal if I am not mistaken...


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          You can shoot a predator (bear, wolf, etc...) off a gutpile from a legally taken animal as long as the guts haven't been moved from another location. Unless something has changed.

          The porcupine is a peaceful animal yet God still thought it necessary to give him quills....


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            ceramic flower pot

            For small tents if you get a ceramic flower pot sit it in the coals of your fire and let it get red hot. Have a wire attached to it so you can pull it out then set it on a ceramic plate or hang it from the top of your tent. It will radiat heat and warm it up nicely.


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