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  • Just the outside guy!!

    I was so lucky to come to Alaska for my very first hunt last year!! It was a trip that my wife got me for Christmas to come up and spend some time with my cousin that has lived in Valdez for many years and to finally get to go on my dream hunt "The Alaskan Black Bear Hunt" I went on that hunt and enjoyed every minute I spent in your wonderfull State!! I bought my tag, I went by every rule too the tee just as I would here in Indiana!!! I harvested a very big blackie without a guide "well my cousin" I so respected your State just as I would If I went to Ohio!!! I now enjoy the lifesize mount that sits in my livingroom every single day but as I read this board every single day I am lumped into the HATED out of state hunters and I just want to say it's not everyone!!! I would welcome any of you to come hunt the big whitetail racks I hunt every year!!! I LOVE YOUR STATE!! Hoosierhunter

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    Great job Hoosier!

    Sounds like you did it right and have the memories and fabulous lifesize bruin to go with it.

    Know that nonresidents are appreciated and vital to Alaska in many ways.

    Glad you came and thanks for sharing!

    Proud to be an American!


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      Glad to hear you had a great time. Where are you from in Indiana. I was born and raised in Southern Indiana about an hour south of Bloomington.


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        Congrats on the Black Bear. They make beautiful mounts.

        Don't let the non-residents bashers get you down, some people feel like the whole state is their back yard and they're the only ones who can play in it.

        Your name reminds me of a name I saw on a boat this year, "HOOSIER DADDY". Laughed my ass off.

        How about them COLTS!!!!!


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          Dido above.....and GO COLTS!!!


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            Other than a few hand and arm signals from motorists directing me Look to God in heaven. I only met one unfriendly chap in Alaska ever!!
            Turns out he owns Alaska!! Who knew!! And we works at the USGS dept at the U of A in Anchorage............... And he seemed to take great offence at me being there at all.
            Now technically I'm not increasing the population because I bought my property from an indiginous Alaska who since passed away. So technically I'm just replacing someone................
            Just be nice to the locals and don't shout at them.... they speak pretty good english!! And they carry big rifles.....!!!!!

            So tell me Hoosier.. just how big a bear do I have to harves....... oops sorry.... "take" to beat yours!!!!!
            "SUA SPONTE"
            "Illigitmati non Carborundum"

            I'm 51..... thats 12 in man years.....


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