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    I finally made it out to my hunt last week in hopes to fulfill the Alaskan dream of bagging that first moose. I was drawn for an antlerless moose permit for unit 20B down by skinny dicks. My time as well as my hunting partner's time was very limited so we had to try and make it happen in 3 days and 3 nights. The hunt started off great, I bagged 2 grouse on the fly on the way in and saw a cow and calf shortley after. All which happened before we got to our camp site. I had to pass up the cow though because just beyond the line of sight was a woman walking down the trail getting her late morning stalking done. On a positive note it was a good sign to see some action that early in the hunt. The next morning about 6:00 I was on my way down to the field I had hunted the prior evening and saw the outline of what seemed to be another cow. Unfortunately just beyond the moose was a another hunter that must have snuck past us late in the night and was set up in his van waiting for a bull to come wandering out in the open. Had to pass one up again. Didn't see anything for the rest of the hunt until about 15 minutes before we had to leave to catch an early afternoon flight back to Anchorage. I had been hunting the main road since 5:00 AM and about 8:00 A cow and calf poked out of the trees and were walking across the road. I made a text book amature mistake and got too exited. I started breathing hard and my scope fogged up. I didn't want to spook the moose by trying to get in a good shooting position so I backed up against a nearby tree to steady myself. While standing up and not resting my 7mag on anything I took the shot at 325 yards. MISSED! The thing stood there and stared in my direction for a second before it trotted off into the sticks. I took one more shot just before it dissapeared. As you can probably guess, I missed again. It was like a slap in the face with a golf shoe. What should have been a guaranteed successful hunt in an area where shots could be heard all day I blew it. Year 2 of moose hunting and zero pounds of meat. Maybe next year will be the year. I have 12 months to practice shooting at 300+.
    Good luck to all of you!

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    You should look at the opportunity of being able to hunt as being sucessful...be appreciative of the fact that you had your shot... Me, I've seen only cow's & calves, & no bulls... we idled up to a cow & calf moose & could have nearly scratched it behind it's ear's, before I could take out my camera & get a pic it took off...


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      Shooting at a cow w/calf????

      Did I read that post correctly? or is it legal in th at area?


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        I researched this topic weeks before my hunt calling f&g as well as the troopers and with the permit I had it was legal to take a cow with a calf or even a calf since it falls under the "any antlerless moose" category. I was wondering about this well in advance of my hunt and would not attempt to take the chance and claiming ignorance when I got stopped. Although I am a very inexperienced moose hunter I still am an ethical person especially when it come to issues such as this. I do appreciate your concern but I can assure you that I was legal.


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          I am sure I would have got within smelling distance of cow if I was bull hunting as well. Just the way it goes I guess.


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            Cow Ethics

            To shoot a Cow with Calf is like shooting 2 moose with one permit, better off to shoot the calf!


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