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Hunting in Juneau?

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  • Hunting in Juneau?

    Moving to Juneau and looking for all the information that I can get on Deer hunting around Juneau. Are their any good resources out there to help me research this topic. Is a 4 wheel drive truck a necessity for hunting. Stupid questions? Thanks. Coming up there in December. Finally get to come to God's country!

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    Deer hunting in Southeast in general

    Forget the 4WD truck and get a boat instead. The local road system in most SE AK communities is very limited. Where there are roads (old logging roads mostly) a 4-wheeler (ATV) would be more useful than a truck. Most locals get to their favorite hunting spots by boat, however, and "hoof-it" from there.

    Good luck.
    In God We Trust.


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      Deer Huntin' in J-Town

      There is some road access for deer huntin' here in J-Town. Pretty much Douglas Island (bucks and does) and the mainland (bucks only.)

      A boat or skiff is quite nice as you can get away from the road hunters. You can also fly out in a float plane to a USFS or State Cabin. Flyin out ain't cheap any more tho.



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        might need the 4x4 to pull the boat

        To enjoy Juneau, you really do need a boat. Then you can add fishing, crabbing etc to your options as well. By May there should be plenty of used boats for sale. Problem is, you'd probably need some truck-like rig to pull a boat. Good luck in your move, and welcome in advance to Juneau-


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          Juneau deer hunting

          The "road hunting" in Juneau is probably not what you are thinking of. I grew up in Juneau but I lived in Montana and now Fairbanks which gave me an idea of what road hunting is. There aren't any logging or backroads. You just get off the highway and start busting brush. I believe it is a quarter mile off the road before you can shoot. You don't need a 4x4. If you get a boat, which is highly useful for both hunting and fishing, 4x4 is nice especially if you launch in winter months when it can be icy (4x4 is nice in Juneau anyways because the roads can be pretty icy). You can do good on Douglas (island connected to Juneau by a bridge) if you are willing to put in the time, figure the area out, and work hard. Alpine hunting in Southeast Alaska is tough climbing but it's as beautiful as any hunting out there, right up there with sheep hunting, in my opinion. If you can handle the rain Juneau is an awesome place. Enjoy.

          Good luck



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            Juneau deer hunting

            IB1 Gator,
            Deer hunting in Juneau is a great experience. First off the boat advice is right on it opens up the ABC islands Admiralty,Baranof,and Chichigof to deer hunting and bear if you want. But this brings up another another ?. What kind of boat. The tides up here are big and the water can be unforgiving. So you need to think it through before you buy one. How much money do you want to spend what will you use it for, will you trailer it or moor it. How much will you use it. You can get by with a skiff in the 17 ft. and above well built and designed for use on big water. We use small skiffs for deer hunting but we hunt off of a couple of 80' plus commercial crab boats and are anchored up near where we will hunt during the day. You can get across to Admiralty Island in about 1/2 hour give or take the speed of your boat. Now this brings up another ?. What size of rifle? Here you will get all kinds of advice but the local use an o6 or above. Myself I use either my .300 wsm or my .325 wsm. these you can use for moose or deer but where you hunt you will be brown bear country. It's only prudent to have enough gun for any situation. It rains a lot so you need the best quality rain gear you can afford. Myself I use Helly Hanson most here does the same. I just recently started using Helly Hanson (impertec). These stretch and are tough and packable. Boots (xtratuff) as they lend themselfs to getting in and out of the skiff and are good on deck so so on side hilling. You can also hop the ferry to tenakee or Hoonah to deer hunt this is on Chichigof Island. I am lucky as I have family that fishes so we hunt all over every year. You need to become proficient at operating boats safely to enjoy it. Once you do it opens up many hunting and fishing opportunities. This is only scratching the surface. Welcome to Juneau.


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