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  • Gamey taste

    Lets throw this out for discussion, now that the freezer is full of meat.
    The wife refuses to eat any game meat. Hows the best way to prepare ones game to reduce a gamey taste?

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    Try this

    What kind of meat is it? Not all game meat is gamey.

    But stews and marinades are a thing to look at. I had a caribou a few years back that was a little gamey, and I used rubs and it turned out fine.

    Had sheep backstraps last night and this to me is better then beef.


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      Other than caribou in rut, and older rutty, tough, moose and muskox, I've never had any game meat that I thought was "gamey".
      If you've taken good care of the meat, kept it clean, didn't spill urine from the bladder on it............etc. there shouldn't be anything really gamey about it.
      Hopefully you have cut it similiar to beef, i.e. steaks, roasts, stew meat, etc. Did you grind any for burger? Whatever you have, try cooking it like beef, or if you have a fat black bear, cook it like pork. Marinade, BBQ, fry, broil, season it, whatever.
      I recently put some fat moose ribs on the grill. Brushed on BBQ sauce before I put em on. They were so fat that they kept catching on fire. I ended up burning the exterior layer and some of the fat. But once I scraped off the crispy part..................MAN.........that was GOOD meat.
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        Marinate a steak overnight on Coca-Cola then gril it no more than medium rare. Something in the Coke tenderizes the meat and the very slight sweet taste is pretty good.


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          Could be gamey if?

          Vension can be gamy if left to hang too long, at too warm of temp. I cut mine up at first chance, sometimes the next day, if its warm out, if its close to freezing i might wait a few days. The longer it hangs, the tenderer it going to be, but this will add favor to the meat. My wife does not like the gamey favor so I do things like cut my burger with ground beef or beef suet. Also if the animal was running or ran for a long time after being shot will add gamey favor to the meat.
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            cooking Gamely Meat

            When you cook it use Garlic and Onions. This will take all the gamely flavor out. Has worked for years for me.


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              Some of the best moose I have had was after it had been cooled rapidly in the field. I knocked a decent bull down next to a COLD mountain stream. After we quartered the animal, we dropped the quarters into a deep pool and let them soak there for about an hour. They were ICE cold when we bagged them up. The meat was incredible!

              As far as how to tone down a "gamey" animal after it is in the freezer..... I think it will take marinades like already mentioned. I have also heard soaking overnight in beer or milk will help.

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                1) Trim away all visible fat, connective tissue, and membranes.

                2) Thaw it by putting it in the fridge a day or two ahead of time instead of leaving it out on the counter. In a pinch, thaw it in cold running water. Either way, don't let it warm up pat 40 degrees until it's in the pan/on the grill.

                3) Assuming the meat was in good shape when you froze it (not pushing the envelope on freshness) cook only to medium-rare. The longer you cook red meat, the more "livery" the flavor.

                4) Generally speaking, recipes that are good for lamb work well for wild game.

                5) If you like spicy food, try vindaloo. The meat from this year's deer was almost too mild to stand up next to the other flavors. And besides, I love Indian food.


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                  There is a product called Game Tame that is great for wild game of all kinds. Makes game really tender and has great flavor. Have used for bear, venison, dove, and goose.


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                    Mauser said it best especially #1.

                    Other suggestions:
                    1. Don't tell the wife it's game.
                    2. Get a new wife
                    3. Share it with your friends (I'll give you my phone number)
                    4. And what ever you do don't throw it in a dumpster!!!
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                      Try This

                      The old marten trappers used to have a problem with getting their sled dogs to eat the marten carcasses. But after a couple days with no rations they thought they tasted great...and no more problems until next season.
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                        I like maineguides suggestion #2. If that don't work, I think martyv hit the nail on the head..............hahahaha.............good one marty.
                        I can't help being a lazy, dumb, weekend warrior.......I have a JOB!
                        I have less friends now!!


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                          Explain Gamey

                          Is beef Beefy? Is lamb Lamby? Is chicken Chickeny or foul?

                          To me it is just another flavor. Each animal has it's own flavor.


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                            If your missus likes oriental food, here's a Korean dish my family likes. Figure on 2 lbs of meat.

                            Marinate strips in...
                            1 cup sugar
                            1 cup soy sauce
                            1/2 cup sesame oil
                            1/4 cup sesame seeds
                            1/4 cup sliced green onions
                            4 minced garlic cloves (ya know the little pieces off a bunch of garlic)
                            Shake in some crushed red peppers if you like it spicy
                            BBQ the strips and lay them over the rice
                            Spoon leftover marinade (boiled) over the rice


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                              game meat

                              After cutting in steaks or strips, whichever is happening at the time, I soak most game meat in cold stalty water and drain, then repeat 2 or 3 times which removes most blood and gamey taste.

                              Marinade is your choice, depending on what you like, pan fry in butter & onions and use some Johnny's seasoning....

                              I also like Soy Vay's Very Teriaki as a marinade for duck meat


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