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    This was our third trip in. On the previous trips we did not see what we were looking for. On this trip we got lucky and took these two hogs. The first one measured 42 x 14 and the second mesured 39 x 14 1/2. The weather cooperated with us even though we were freezing. The reason I think we got these rams was because it was winter in the back of the drainages. There was quite a bit of snow at the head waters of the drainages. It took us one and half days after spotting them to catch up with them. We laid at 300 yards for 5 hours while they were bedded waiting for them to stand up. We finally took the shots at 200 yards and they fell only 20 feet apart. While we were taking care of the animals it began to snow. Once we got the animals to camp it took us 18 hours of walking to get them back to the boat. We would walk 20 minutes with the first pack and then unload and go back and get the second load and bring it past the first load for 20 min. We had a great time and want to thank everyone on the forum for thier help and support.
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    Very nice. It doesn't get any better than that.


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      Oh Ya!! Nice job. Having to deal with the weather and work for em just makes it that much better.
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        I covet

        Those are great Rams and a big adventure. 18 hours to shuttle the booty to the boat? I love it when I hear about real hunts like this. You stuck with it and went back again until you got what you were after.
        Very proud of you guys
        Or maybe you guys just didn't think to try and drive your trucks up the mountain to get them like the fellows on the haul road that have vehicles stuck out on the tundra.
        Yes you guys are the difference..
        very nice indeed.
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          Good Job!

          That is outstanding.. What a pig!

          Congrats on a great hunt.!


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            Welcome to the forum, Lucky.
            Great hunt and pics. The glacier country is befitting of those monsters.
            That 42"X14" may be the biggest taken this year in AK....
            Proud to be an American!


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              Congrats to both of you!!
              We need more pictures!!


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                2 in TMA

                Here are a couple more pics...
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                  2 in TMA

                  One more...
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                    Geez, nice work. Those are huge!!


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                      Tremendous looking animals...congrats!


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                        Nice Sheep

                        Great pictures, sounds like you had a good time!
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                          Three trips? You guys hunted hard. Looks like it paid off. The 42 incher may make the record book. Congradulations!
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                            All I can say is WoW!



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                              Heard about a 45incher taken from a guy in Valdez this year. Nice looking ram Lucky!!!. I will tip a Barley Pop to that!!
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