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  • Blacktail on Kodiak

    Thinking of doing a blacktail hunt on Kodiak next fall. Wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction as to where to find info on planning this...when, where, air, costs, etc. Will still be considered Non-Res at the time, can I even do it? With or without a guide?

    Any info appreciated!

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    yes, you can do it unguided.

    check out andrew air. i have used them several times to kodiak and afognak and have always found them to be reliable.

    be safe and bring good gear.
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      Buck, A kodiak deer hunt should be in every hunter's memory bank. The game and country is unforgettable!
      Wife and I went last fall and posted in detail on the hunt, check the archives for that and many other tidbits from others who contributed Kodiak info. You'll really be chompin at the bit!
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        Andrews Air

        Second the plug for Andrews, deer hunted with a partner last fall and they went above and beyond to service our needs for that trip. We even got to fly with Willie, he's the pilot that was in the infamous Treadwell film, and he was a character.


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          Where are you going to be living in AK? You can take the ferry over from Homer or Seward, or fly in from Anchorage. For an individual, airfare and ferry costs are almost a wash, especially if you factor in the time it takes to drive down to the ferry destination, and the limited days they run. The plus side is you can have your vehicle for shipping back meat.

          A non res license is $85, deer tags are $150 each this year. You are allowed one deer on the road system, or 3 deer off the road system. You can either be flown out to a remote location, or higher a boat and do a boat based hunt. The upside of boat based hunts is you have some incredible fishing options, are fead and nicely housed, but higher cost at about $225-250 per day.

          No need for a guide, but having someone that has hunted there before, or going out on a boat definately has some benefits.

          Time of year plays into your plans as well, earlier in the season the deer are up higher, but the weather isn't as bad. Later in the season the deer will be down near the shoreline, but you can have some serious weather delays.
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            Thanks guys

            I've read through many of the archives on Kodiak blacktail. Gathered some great info. I will be an official "in state-Non Resident" in late August. Hunting Blacktail on Kodiak has always been a dream of mine, I imagine a cross between a whitetail hunt and an elk hunt in one! Sounds like I should still have enough time to squeeze this one in soon after I arrive. My only fear is, I have started the planning too late...any thoughts on this?????

            We will be living in Fairbanks. Won't have time restraints to speak of. It's a dream, I am living on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches...I'll shell out the money if I have to.

            Sounds to me like a fly-in or boat hunt holds preferrence to the road system hunts. I would definetly have to find someone willing to "show me the ropes"...more so for the safety and location knowledge than the hunting, but hopefully there is someone out there who has as much ambition as I do! When do guys start looking for hunting partners?

            Much appreciated, as always


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              Steele Davis runs a good unguided blacktail operation on Kodiak. Check out his web site at I hunted with him last year, and would go with him again without hesitation.


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