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  • Manley parking

    Has anyone parked and left a vehicle at Manley launch recently? Have heard some horror stories of vandalism, etc and just wondering if that's past or recent.

    Thanks for any info,

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    Rude Town

    I hunted Manley a few years back and it was the worst experience of my life. No one did any damage or anything but they sure made you feel unwelcome.


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      I hunted there two years ago myself and just like bowhuntr said it was the most unfriendly place I have ever seen. We had no damage but they were awfull. I would go but I wouldn't spend a dime in there town.



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        Wow...I'd have to disagree. We have launched in Manley several times, arriving the night before, staying the night in a cabin and leaving bright and early. Service at the bar has always been great and entertaining and the homecooked breakfasts in the morning can't be beat.


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          Myself and friend parked our trucks/trailers there this August on a fishing trip without any problems, didn't socialize with anyone from town so not sure how they would have treated us but our vehicles were fine.


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            Good people out there....

            I usually spend at least up to two weeks every spring in Manley hunting, stay at the roadhouse and soak in the hot springs. There are some really good people up there who are happy for the buisness and to serve you. Just remember...Manley has had it share of problems in the past with people going being the literal end of the road....and causing problems. Sometimes I think residents are just a bit learly of people they don't know based on past serious problems (like homicides).

            Bob Lee runs a good outfit there at the roadhouse and he is one heck of a nice guy and great to talk to. I'm sorry some of you folks had problems.

            Just my 2c.


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              I've launched into the Tanana from the Hot Springs area and left our rigs at the roadhouse for weeks with no problem (but the slough can be fickle with the amount of water in it, and the launch in the Tanana mainstem is not improved, and it may work and it may not.........).

              I've also hunted areas off of the Elliot Hwy with no problems.

              I've driven through the village of Manley, but didn't stop and mingle. I've never launched in the Flats at Manley, but I don't think I would leave my rig parked there.


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                Thanks for the inputs. I kind of suspected that the few times something bad has happened was put out and over-exagerated.

                It's best to hear from those who have actually been out there.


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