What's your Favorite Hunting Knife?



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  • What's your Favorite Hunting Knife?

    me I like the Cold Steel Master Hunter Stainless! It's sooo sharp, that it's almost scary to use...I would love the Master Hunter Plus (has gut hook) but it doesn't come in Stainless, that is necessary out in rainy days on the Alaskan Bush!

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    I take two Gerber Gators, and that's all I've ever needed. They're smaller than most people seem to like, but I prefer the small size and light weight.



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      favorate knive

      A nice sharp 6 inch buck once home i use a 10 inch Henkel slicer type knive. It is very expensive but holds a edge well. Chef Viktor


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        pop's knife

        My favorite hunting knife is my fathers Schrade Walden. It's a bit on the large side but it does get the job done!
        I never got to hunt with him but I've put the knife to good use since I found it after he died.
        Here is a pic of it cutting up some chicken.... and no.... I don't cut veggies with it!!!

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        I'm 51..... thats 12 in man years.....


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          I've used a Gerber Gator for the past 8 years or so. Great knife for gutting, quartering, and even skinning (haven't got the hang of my new skinning knife yet). I have a bunch of other knifes, but always leave them at home.


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            I have two of the Cutco Diamond-D serrated blade knives - one in drop point and one in clip point. They sport a rubberized, blaze orange handle (also come in black) and are some of the greatest knives I have used. Will easily do several animals (field dressing and boning) without sharpening.

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              It's the folding kinife with the rubber handle, very comfortable to work with. Did a whole moose with it without sharpening it and it still has an edge. I'm like Western, got numerous knives but I always end up taking the Kershaw. I got three of them.


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                Buck 110...

                I swear by this knife! My father has used this knife for 20 or so years on countless elk, deer, javelina, bears, and turkey. I've beed using mine for the past 10 years and it's always done me right. The last elk I got, I didn't even need to sharpen it once from start to finish. Buck also has a great warranty and customer service. I broke the tip off my first 110 and sent it in to buck for a fix. They not only sent me a brand new knife, they sent me the 100 year anniversary edition. Not saying it's the best, just saying it's done me right. Kitchen knives are a different story... I swear by Kershaw Shun Classic knives. These are awsome for processing back at the house!

                Happy hunting...


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                  I have a buck 110 that I got from dear old Dad. Every animal I have ever killed has been cleaned with it.
                  I just bought a Forschner professional quality butcher knife from Alaska Butcher Supply for the sheep I just shot. Very nice, good steel, and an excellent handle. According to AK Butcher, they aren't the pretty knives, but are the knives you'll find in a meat packing plant or a butcher shop. It was a whopping $16.


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                    Gerber Gator

                    I have a Gerber Gator with the serated edge next to the handle. I have used this knife for all of my hunting and fishing trips. It holds an edge extremely well once sharpened. I use a cheap Wal-mart diamond stone to sharpen this knife with just a few strokes. I have never had the pleasure of taking a Moose or a Bear yet, but I know my Gerber will be up to the task next year when I start hunting up here.



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                      Kershaw, Alaskan Blade trader. You have everything you need in this package!


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                        A dull one with blood on it!!!
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                          Originally posted by Ak Steve View Post
                          ...they aren't the pretty knives, but are the knives you'll find in a meat packing plant or a butcher shop. It was a whopping $16.
                          I bought my ol' man a "pretty" Forschner a while back. It is a Fillet knife, but the arc on the blade makes it a heck of a processor. I sliced out a few salmon on one of my trips home this past summer, worked great for that too! Holds a great edge if you find the right angle (sorry, don't know it off the top of my head), but not my number one choice...I like Cutco.



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                            Actually lost my favorite knife this past spring skinning my dads bear. It was just an old gerber lockback. it held its edge and it was comfortable. I picked up a S&W extreme ops lockback that seems to hold a pretty good edge and comfortable. We'll see when we hopefully have a bear down in 2 weeks, otherwise I might just have to get up to wasilla to check out the hella line.


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                              I guess I'll be the odd man out. I really like the helle polars. I also have a veidemann though the gut hook is in the way. It was a bday present in which I love the knife, not the hook.

                              I also played with the small knives of alaska knife cub bear. Sent it to my dear old dad for a deer hunting knife. Really felt like a great knife, have no first hand experience with it though. I'm sure someone here has used it or he'll report back after this deer season. Regardless I am thinking of replacing the larger helle with the cub bear on all but moose hunts.


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