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  • Perfect Hunting Rifle/Scope

    What in your opionion is the best rifle (manufacturer and caliber) and scope for an all around gun for large game in Alaska. Please be specific if you can.

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    30-06, Leopold 3x9.

    Brand of gun could be debated for days, and might. Comes down to personal preference................


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      Best Rifle/Scope

      A bolt action 30-06 in stainless and some reasonable synthetic stock. Either a Rem 700 or a Win. Model 70 (they are still out there). A 2.5-8x38 or 3-10x40 Leupie VXIII.
      Good for all except Brown Bear.


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        Ditto BizyMocha

        Although I think you could even go .270 if you rule out Brown Bear......


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          all around gun

          For an all arounder you should have a ruger .338 win mag with a laminate or synthetic stock and a 3-9x40 scope this gun will do everything alaska requires.


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            Now here's what I don't understand...

            With a double lung shot, with a .30 calibre rifle, such as the 30-06, I don't see why it wouldn't work on a Brown Bear, I understand they're large animals & all, but still, a double lung shot on pretty much any animal, would put it down in minutes...

            So, with that, I would say, yes to the 30-06, Stainless synthetic, with a Leupold Vari X III 3.5-9x40, only becuase stainless for obvious reasons, but I've hear & seen syn stocks crack or chip, but sure beats the wood that get's water logged & ruined...
            With that, I have Savage 30-06 blued, wood, with Leupold Vari X II 3.5-9x40, with an amber cover on it, I also have a Rem 700 .270 & have seen just about everyone here in Marshall has a .270...


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              the way i see it lol your right about the double lung. the 3006 will do the job. But you might need a perfect shot on the bigger animals like the bear. An up close lung shot say 50yrd or less and that animal could still cause you a problem. my point is you might want more firepower for the just in case factor. If you have a choice. If not the 3006 with a good bullet can do it. Thats what all the old timers Used. Ive heard many stories from my wifes grandpa about stopping charges with the 3006 and 180grn bullets back in the day. AAh who knows lol


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                Personal choice for sure

                I have 3 guns and I like them all for various of reasons. My first gun was/is .308. Lots of guys with too much ego and testosterone laugh at this little guy but is a great flat shooter and does the number on caribou, deer and elk (my lower 48 past). I have taken many caribou with my .308 up to 300 yards with no second thought. Its light short and easy to toss on top of a fully loaded meat frame.

                My dad gave me his custom made 7x57mm with a mauser action. He had it made for him in Austria when we lived in Europe many years ago and it is one of a kind. This baby had a hair trigger on it and works nice on long shots but I havenít used it for mush because it is a collectorís item and I am afraid to drag it through what northwestern Alaska offers.

                #1 choice is my .270 Rem. I purchased it from a friend who was leaving the state last year and wow was impressed the first time I pulled up on my caribou last fall. This sucker dropped a big bull caribou at 465 yards and I mean dead! Dead on. I was so impressed at its ability to reach way out and touch some one (caribou) and with such deadly results. The next day I was doing a long stalk on a group of caribou way up on a ridge and we bumped into a moose laying down in some willows up the Noatak river on a small side drainage. I had no intention of shooting moose and was packing 130-grain shells and was real concerned. It took 3 shots to make this bull lie down and die with the first one at 410 yards just pissing him off. The last 2 were in the neck and it was all over. He measured out at 53 inches, no record but a nice bull and 5 hard hours of work to get him into the boat. I am still eating that big boy! 2 days and 2 nice animals, all with my .270! If I was packing 150 grain I have full confidence the moose would of gone down quicker.

                Guess which one I am hunting with this weekend? By the way the caribou are thick up here this year!!!

                Your best choice in all of your back country rentals for NW Alaska


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                  best all around rifle in AK

                  This is easy, and I am sure everyone on this site will agree with me when I say "The best all around rifle/scope combo in Alaska is a Kimber Montana in .300wsm topped with a matte finish Leupold 3.5-10 VX-III". Or maybe it's just one that I really like.


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                    best rifle

                    I have over a dozen rifles yet my all time favorate is the old 300 winchester magnum with the old redfield wide field scope. I have shot everything from brown bear to deer with it and love it. I have been using my 300 ultra mag the last year as it was a gift from my wife for my 40th. It is a great rifle but there is somthing to say about a 20 year old rifle that has been all around Alaska, It just feels right! Hard to explain. It took out a caribou and a moose with one shot each this year, as my ultra mag was in the dealer. Hard to decide what i will use later this Fall. My vote is still 300 winchester magnum, amunition is also easy to find. Chef


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                      I'll second the 300 Win mag victor, I think its pretty hard to beat. 150 grainers up to 200 grainers all available in premium loads in factory ammo. Killed a lot of critters with a 300WM and although I was not successful this past spring I took it to the Peninsula for Brown Bear with no hesitation. I own many other rifles but this caliber always seems to fit the bill. It doesn't get more versatile than the 300 WM with a good selection of premium bullets. It can do it all. scope? go with any of the reputable brands such as Leupold, Zeiss, and Nikon or spend a small fortune and jump into the high dollar stuff. Many scopes will work.


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                        When I first moved up here in 1984, I met a few people and to go hunting with them, you needed a .338 mag or .375 H&H mag. Their thinking was if they got into trouble with a bear and needed your help, they wanted at least the same kind of power from your rifle as they had with theirs. I hunted with a .375 H&H mag for a long time because it would absolutley take down any animal I shot and anchor him to that spot. I used 2 loads, a speer 235 gr bullet for the smaller large game and a speer 285 gr bullet for moose and bear. I used a Leupold 1.5 x 5 var x III scope and I thought this was the best all around rifle that I could own up here. I liked the .375 H&H better than the .338 because to me, the .338 had more kick than the .375 H&H. Just my opinion and not meant to say that other choices would be wrong.


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                          Best all around gun, I think, is a Remington 700. Since you specify "alaska gun" I would go with stainless/synthetic but if it were a lower 48 gun then blued/wood would be fine. Also because you specify "alaska", I would go with .338 Win Mag only because of brown bears. Again, if it were a lower 48 gun or you would not be hunting the big coastals then .30-06 is hands down the caliber to have. For a good scope at a decent price go with a Leupold VX-II in 3-9x40 for about $299.00.

                          I personally shoot a T/C Encore in stainless/synthetic. I have two barrels for Alaska hunting, a 7mm Rem Mag for long shooting and .375 H&H for moose/bear. The 7mm has a VXIII 4.5-14x40 LR and the .375 has a VXII 2-7x33.
                          "Beware the man with only one gun; he may know how to use it."


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                            "Perfect Hunting Rifle/Scope "

                            It doen't exist as each person will have their specific rifle, cartridge and scope that they will say is the perfect one.

                            The one you have in your hand at the time will more than likely be the perfect one at that time. But the next time you are out and about with another rifle, cartridge and scope, that one will be the perfect one at the time.

                            As I said, it doesn't exist. I have 30 plus different rifle/cartridges/scopes in my abode at the moment and not a one of them would I consider to be the perfect one.


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                              I like Remington 700's. Their accuracy is way better than Ruger, Sako, Steyr, or Winchester as they come from the factory. Maybe one in a million chance the extractor will break or fail? Lot more chance that one of the others will not divert gas from your face if you puncture a primer or blow a case. Use a Stainless Fluted Sendero or a stainless BDL Magnum in a H-S Precision or McMillan stock.

                              Best All Around ctg? I am now sold on the wildcat .338-300 which is a necked up .300 Win Mag case. Shoots 180 grain bullets at 3200fps, 200s at 3000fps, and 250s at 2700 and brass is plentiful and cheap. .338 bullets have very decent ballistic coefficiency and you get more fps for the same weight because the bearing area is smaller. Barnes or Swift's bullets from 160 to 275 grains. Nearly 3500fps from a 160 Barnes X bullet.

                              Best all around scope? Leupold M3 LR 3.5-10 vari-xIII with 30mm tube and side focus. Mil-dot reticle with super wide cross hair and 10moa mil-dot center area. Badger base and rings.

                              How to get one? Buy a Rem 700 .338 stainless, aftermarket stock, have gunsmith ream barrel, (takes about 30 minutes), neck up new brass, load moderate loads for sight-in, then test heavier loads for accuracy.

                              Pretty comparable to .330 Dakota or .340 Weatherby. Shorter case let's you seat bullets further out in magazine. Brass about .32 per. Efficient case. Never feel "undergunned".


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