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  • Hunting in Unit 11

    I know there is a lot of land in Unit 11 that you cannot hunt. Can anyone here explain to me what is open for hunting and what is not. I'm confused on if it's legal in the Preserve, National Park?

    A little help, please!

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    What are you hunting? The short answer is: Preserve is open to everyone under normal Fish & Game regs. Park is for subsistence hunting meaning people who live in the surrounding communities only. These are very basic definitions. For more info try here:


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      So, is the Park land closed thanks to Jimmy Carter then?


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        in unit 11 you cant hunt in the park at all as mentioned. that means that there really isnt too much to hunt. i just got back from a sheep hunt out of McCarthy. (lower Benard glacier area) with the liimited area outside of mccarthy, there is some decent pressure in that area. i found garbage all over the place and there were a couple of other hunters within 15 sq. miles of me. with the glaciers there is even less area to hunt. i was fairly dissapointed. there are legal rams there, but not many. i saw, in 11 days, one ram that was at least 3/4 curl and about a dozen 1/2 curls. its some of the hardest most rugged sheep country you will hunt. but the views are amazing. be prepared to travel ALOT. get to the farthest valleys that other people wont/cant make it to. also take a goat tag, there are some nice goats there.


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          unit 11 and St. Elias

          Jimmy Carter is deemed responsible for the millions of acres turned into park land. --enacted 1980(?)

          This is land most gun-carrying Alaskans will never see...Susistance hunters do hunt the area, and with great success for sheep--some real brutes (40+) taken there every year.
          The Swank ram (world record) area is now history for 99.99% of hunters.
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            Tho ol Jimmy gets most of the blame, the act was first passed by our senate and house. So properly, we can spread alot of blame around on that one. Jimmy has spent alot of time taking credit for the guys like us give him most of the blame.
            Just to be a little picky, the preseve is actually open under federal subsistence regs. If they are not more restrictive than the state reg, then anyone can hunt. Most fed regs vary with each species and how plentiful those species are.
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              The park is not entirely closed just to rural residents with subsistence status.
              There is a provision that if you can establish customary and traditional use of the Wrangell St. Elias National Park before it was a National Monument and can provide a number of references that the Park Service can check up on and do the 40+ pages of paperwork you can get a 13.44 customary and traditional use permit that you have to constantly update.

              You can also hunt on your own land if you are a private landowner within the park no matter where you live.



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