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  • Minto Flats Hunting

    I am looking for any information you might have about hunting Minto Flats. Is there any road access? I know you can not use planes and boats to transport hunters? It opens on the 15th to harvest and I like the looks of it? Anyone got any tips?


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    Mossesless Minto

    I just came back from the north side of the road in the Minto Flats. I hunted from Eureka Dome to the HWY junction. All I saw was one lonely cow. Talked with a lot of other hunters, they said all they saw was one 30 bull taken out of there this year. Just up the road in the White Mountains I had a buddy bust a 58.


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      I just got back from 9 days of hunting just south east of where you were. It took me that long to find my small bull. There were however at least 8 moose taken last weekend. 3 that I saw were bulls, the largest around 50". I heard they gave out 60 cow permits were I was so I assume that several of the others taken were indeed cows. I have been hunting this area for at least 7 yrs although I didn't make it out last year. I have always been successful but I did hear that last year there were only a few bulls taken in this area.

      There are a few places were you can access the flats but it is very wet and I really haven't ventured to far that way so I can't honestly offer much. I do however beleive that there are alot of moose in Minto Flats and it seems that there were more and more moose moving into the hills as the days went on. Two nights ago was the first that I heard any cows calling. I stayed up till 1am in the full moon listening to a cow calling on the pond I was camped. Hoping that a bull would walk into view. Yeah, like that was really going to happen. I finally crawled back into my bag as I was absolutely freezing after 3 hrs of listening. The bull that I was fortunate to find was tagging along with a cow.


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        I appreciate the information. What is the best way to access this area?


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          I sent you a PM Bear.


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