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seen over 20 moose but none legal

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  • seen over 20 moose but none legal

    Ok so my hunting partner and i are starting to wonder if there are any legal moose. Between the two of us in only 7 days of hunting and we pretty much hunt mornings in our stands and then walk this trail. so hunt from 5.30 to noon have seen over 20 moose. None of which have been legal. i was wondering since we stand hunt and we see the same 2 bulls which are one of probably 30+ inches and the other 40+ inches would those 2 bulls keep other bulls out of the area??? we see them or hear them every day. We have only seen 2 bulls and 18 plus cows/calves. Do we need to worry about those two bigger bulls but still non legal being the dominant bulls in the area. The 2 bulls we constantly see are also with the same cow every weekend we hunt. wee have seen them the last 3 weekends. Should we try a new strategy with the rut coming up??? one last question. this is my first moose hunting season and wondered if the moose will be more active during the rut?? like will they move around further distances trying to find the cows. any info would be appreciated. All we are looking for is one spike fork. haha
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    After 7 days, I would begin expanding my opportunities. I figure by day three I have seen 99% of the game in a given area. Of course later in the month, another one or two might move into the area, but that is pure happenstance, I would rather make something happen, than to wait for something to happen.
    Good Luck
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      Stay the course

      I'm not sure what kind of terrain you're hunting but if you're seeing that many moose and you keep seeing those bulls over and over you're in good country

      Those moose will NOT keep other bulls out (not the 50+ inchers anway)

      I'm normally guiding moose hunts this time of year and I know that especially as the rut progresses bulls are travelling (and travelling great distances)every day

      That 30 and 40 incher will not be able to hang onto those cows in most cases

      I honestly don't know that much about spike forks but I'd think being juevenille animals they'll be getting horned up and trying to get in on the action too

      I'd be cow calling if you want to draw in some bigger moose

      Wail your lungs out a few hundred yards from your stand every evening...... just realize that it's not like calling ducks........the bull you're "calling" might make a mental note and then not show up until a couple days later.........he might also show up the next morning or in a few minutes........ long as those cows are around........ a dominant bull (in most cases a high 50's to 60's inch class) is going to come around......

      hopefully that will happen while you're still hunting

      I'd stick with the stands and calling and minimize the walking.........let the moose walk and don't spread your scent........

      That's what I'd do anyhow............ hardest thing to do is get a client to keep doing the same thing over and over again..........there's a reason why you book or plan a 10+ day hunt.........sometimes it takes that long

      Hope things work out for you!!


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        Patience is key...

        Moose have a territorial range of over 13 mi sq, & that's a lot of range, so if you're seeing 30-40" hanging around, your seeing only the tip of the iceberg. Now, if you have cow's there, you will know that them 30-40"'s will not have a leg to stand on, so to speak when the 60-70"'s come out of the wood work. It's early in the season, & the bulls are still eating, as they don't eat durning the rut, & need to gain weight to fight, to the death in some area's, so the big ones are holding out, & know that they're the ones to deal with & not the sub adult sounds like you have a nice honey hole & patience would be key to wait out for the movement of the big un's...your lucky to even see bulls...I'll I've seen so far are cow's & calves...

        Good Luck...


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          Lucky to see bulls indeed! I've seen a load of cows and calves as well, though I've only been out for moose a couple of days. If you're going to give up on your area, akpride, how about sending me a map with the coordinates?



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            mixed blessing

            I've been hunting the foothills of Baldy trying to fill my cow permit (DM406) and have seen several cows and two bulls. Only problem is....all the cows I have seen are being followed around by these little miniature moose!

            It's nice to see a good calf population, but I need a lone cow! The two bulls I saw were in the safe slot size and won't be legal for another year or two. Hopefully they will make it till then.

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              Have you thought to go out in the evening? I know on our stand we saw many more moose in the late afternoon/evening. I would at least sit out there to see what shows up.


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                I always figured that if I'm seeing game I'm doing something right. Stick with it. It will probably pay off.
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                  Stick with it

                  I agree to sit tight and get in on some evening hunts. They will show with cows in the area. Its only getting better, I leave in 6 days and the action is usually heating up around then. Good luck.


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                    yea i constantly sit at night but between me and my partner we have only seen one lone cow in multiple nights of sitting. oh well all it takes is one little spike.
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                      I with ya...

                      I'm with ya in almost the same scenario with a 30 and 40in bull, counted their brow tines more than one time now! (1 x2 & 2 x2) LOL I don't have that many cows around, but a half dozen... going out again for another 7 days and give it a shake again... We'll see, keep us posted on how things turn out. Sounds like you have a great spot! Moose seem to wander, but I do think there is some method to their amblings. I'll give ya a holler if anything develops on my end that proves useful. Personally, I am going back to basics in this area, I am considering...
                      Terrain characteristics.
                      Best food sources.
                      Spots they've bed down.
                      and just try to be patient there when one comes through investigating some calls.
                      Won't be long and where there are cows, there will be bulls!
                      Good hunting!


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