The WACH caribou have arrived!



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  • The WACH caribou have arrived!

    Well guys the caribou have arrived in Noatak village and Kiana on the Kobuk River, and in huge numbers! A buddy of mine in Noatak called to lat me know that a group of well over 1000 animals walked almost through town yesterday with lots of big bulls. Most of the locals filled the freezer quickly. The same thing is going on in Kiana which is on the Kobuk River 70 miles from Kotzebue. This will be exciting as we have not seen concentrated numbers in about 3 years! Yee Ha! Picks to follow in a week! I have friends coming up from Colorado and these guys are in for a treat for sure!

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    Kotz Hunt

    I am headed up there on the 16th...cannot wait!
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      I was up the Noatak last weekend on a family camping trip and there was NO animals in the entire area. It was a switch thrown and BOOM! We have caribou! This place always impresses me every time I head out in the country, would not trade with anyone. I look forward to seeing you up river, where are you hunting? I will be up in my favorite caribou passes that same time, look for me. I will be the sucker with lots of meat on his back slogging back to my Boat!

      Take care and respect the land man! Pack your meat back home and keep a smile on your face, youíll be in Godís country!


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        Headed up this week from Anchorage, pics and story to follow, check out the link in my signature.
        My WAC Hunt
        My Delta Management Area (DMA - DS204) Hunt


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          The ADF&G crew is heading for onion portage also..........(that's below Ambler) so must be animals moving thru there as well.
          However, this herd often passes thru areas in spurts, so the current number of animals doesn't necessarily mean a constant flow for the rest of the sept. hunt time.
          Hope everyone has some fun!
          I can't help being a lazy, dumb, weekend warrior.......I have a JOB!
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            The caribou have been providing some nice fat meat for those along the Hunt and Onion Portage for the better part of two weeks. My bulls were a little on the skinny side-1/2" was the most mine had Maybe the bigger boys I saw way up, up will be fatter and make it to another honey-hole this weekend

            Heart and tongue soup TONIGHT!!!!

            doesn't get much better than that.


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