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    With this being my first post, I thought Iíd introduce myself. My name is Joshua. I am from Michigan. My fiancť and I will be moving to your great state the day after our wedding in August of 2007. Heck of a honeymoon, huh! We will be living in Fairbanks for about a year (to start) and I hope to fit in every bit of outdoor adventure I can. We are anxiously awaiting our move and I have been studying up on everything from gear and gizmos to climate and weather. We will have many visitors, as both our families are avid hunters and fishermen/women, so I will be in charge of entertaining. I want to thank you for all of the insight and information you have supplied me already (Iíve read many of the archives) and I hope you donít mind if I pick your brain for answers to the many questions I have yet to ask.


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    Joshua, welcome (or soon to be ) to our great state. Theres alot of knowledge on this place so if you have a question, ask away.


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      Thanks Blink,
      I have been keeping up with all of you on this site for quite some time now (few months anyways). Wanted to get a feel for how things were handled here and I really like the conversations and respect the opinions of many. I will blast away with questions soon.


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        Welcome, BNR! Glad to hear that the site has already been useful for you...that's what we're here for. Words can't describe what an amazing place Alaska can be...I imagine you'll love it here.



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          Thanks Brian,
          I already do love it there. I used to think Michigan was God's Country, which it is, but the photos and stories that that carry down with the wind currents have got me thinking that Alaska is little more like Heaven!


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            Michigan and gods country?? in the same line? Sorry man, I grew up in MI and if your talking the UP, I can believe it. I grew up around the grand haven area (between GR and grand haven) and after being up here, I dont even go back. My family can come up here. like I told my family, when MI grows some real hills right out the door step, I'll come home. Oh and it needs to grow some brown bears also. I hear you guys have plenty of blackies though.


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              Hi Blink,

              This is Coral, Joshua's fiance. I'm from Traverse City (northwest MI) and he's from Rogers City (northeast MI). I go to law school on the east coast, so trust me, Michigan is God's Country compared to out here!! :-) Actually, that's one of my fears about moving to Alaska - once we go there we will be so spoiled by the beauty that nothing else will ever compare! My dad has already warned the family that once he comes up to visit us, he may stay!

              We do have a lot of black bears. My grandpa shot one on my dad's hunting property last year and this year my dad's wife drew a permit and is gearing up to get one. Last time I was out at the cabin with him we saw a pretty good size one (for MI black bears) walking around by our cabin at night.

              - Coral


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                Welcome to the forum and to Alaska a little ahead of time. Fairbanks is a great little town that's a little cold in the winter. The lack of daylight in the winter bothers a lot of people more than the weather. But the summers make up for all of it and the hunting and fishing are great. Drawing a permit for a black bear? How about a limit of three in some places for residents. The country is just beyond comparision. (Although I have found one place comparable but has more people) Anyway, I have to ask, you two just decide to move up here for the experience or is it a job or school thing? Its really none of my business and doesn't need an answer. Getting here in August will be a great time to come, enjoy the end of the summer and fall and ease into winter.


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                    Alaska hunting/fishing

                    Welcome, both of you.

                    I hate to be a buzz kill but a year of hunting in Alaska is just not enough! I moved here 4 years ago and had intentions of maybe staying a couple years. There is just so much to do, you won't even graze the surface in a years time. Plus once you are a resident in a years timek, the cost of hunting/fishing goes way down........... The hunting is unlike anything you will have experienced before and tougher, but it leaves you wanting more of it.

                    good luck to you both and Congratulations on your marriage!!


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                      Thanks and congratulations on the appointment as the judge's clerk. And Josh shouldn't have any problem finding employment if he so desires. Boss is right, I've been up here almost 10 years and haven't doen all the hunting. Of course part of that was limiting factors caused by my previous career, etc. He'll be a little limited in the first year but most take that time to get to know the place and then enjoy it more after the resident status comes into play. Things get a lot cheaper then, as opne that paid nonresident fees the first year can attest. Good luck and congratulations on the upcoming marriage to both of you.


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                        My fiance just informed me that I spelled Juneau wrong. Lovely. I think I'll go back to just reading the posts instead of posting so I don't embarrass him any further. haha.


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                          MI is ok....

                          but I wouldn't waste much time hunting for fishing there. I mostly like to sit on the shores of Lake Superior and enjoy an ice cold beer with my friends and family.
                          You'll like Alaska.......


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                            Originally posted by Blink View Post
                            I grew up in MI and if your talking the UP, I can believe it. I grew up around the grand haven area (between GR and grand haven) and after being up here,

                            Joel I was born and raised in Muskegon. We are almost homies.

                            Left there in 1970 when I went to FL to work on a sail boat. Have only been back twice since. 15 years ago was the last time. Only thing I miss about MI is shagging rabbits with a Beagle.


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                              Hey allen, yeah thats pretty dang close to being neighbors. The only time I was really in muskegon was driving through on my way to and from silver lake. The best part of michigan is either the road sign saying I am leaving the state or the lady at the counter giving my boarding pass and saying "thank you for visiting......"

                              Hey coral, also welcome to the forum. Atleast you 2 are from the northern part of the state. much better than the southern part. Be careful about only coming up for a short time, it will get in your blood.


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