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  • Dcua "smackdown!"

    Well went out to Delta to do a little sheep hunting and got this guy.

    Left = 39 3/8"
    Right = 36" (broomed)
    Bases = 13"

    Not to shaby for my first sheep. Had a great time and it was definately the hardest hunt I have ever done.

    Partner and I spotted him on hunt day 1 went after him at 0700 the second day and at 10:00 that morning he was down with one shot at 224 yards with the .270 WSM using 150 Noslers. Needless to say He fell about 100 feet and landed perfectly on a rock and **** near split him in half. I caped out as much as possible, but when I got down and layed it out, there was no way, so European mount it will be. Saw alot of 7/8 curls.

    Quick gear review

    Sporthill Expedition pants = A++
    Lowa GTX extreme = A+
    Mountain Hardwear Alchemy Jacket = A+
    Osprey Crescent 110 = A
    Kifaru Gun Bearer = F (top strap ripped in half on first day)
    Mountain Hardwear Hammer head II = B+
    Nikon Spotter XLII = B
    North Face Orion 20 degree Bag = A
    Black Diamond Beta Mid Lite = C-
    Black Diamond Trekking poles = D (tips came off 2nd day)

    This was my first sheep hunt and I learned that I took too much **** food. I took 20 lbs and now realized I could have got away with around 12lbs. Other than that everything went great. Saa a huge Grizz, Black Bear and Bou.

    Congrats to all the sheep hunters. Special congrats to Jason in anchorage, he got a sheep pon his first hunt as well.

    dang 130+lbs on your back sucks but well worth it.....
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    I can't figure out how to post better or bigger pics on this forum!


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      Congrats! Beautiful ram. Where did you hunt the DCUA? We got two "first rams" out of Bradford Creek during the walkin.
      A gun is like a parachute. If you need one, and donít have one, youíll probably never need one again


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        Spur creek. Used Golden Eagle outfitters. Jim is awesome and would use him again. Got a little beef to take up with the outfitters from Tok.. hhmmmm! Low flights along the ridge as we were doing stalk!


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          Great Ram! I PM'd you with a couple of questions regarding some gear on your list. Was the area you hunted conducive to bowhunting?


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            Busta Ribs

            Didn't recieve your PM yet


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              You should put another picture or two up when you get some time. That one is too small to see! Thanks for sharing and congrats on your ram!


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                I don't know how to make em any bigger. I kept rezing this one till it would fit. Any suggestions?


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                    Thanks Jimmy now how the hell did you do that?


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                      Great looking ram!


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