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Get a lot of condensation on my stephensons warmlite

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  • Get a lot of condensation on my stephensons warmlite

    Guys I have a 3R Stephensons warmlite tent and always get a lot of condensation on the ends. I am asuming since the ends are a single wall and not a double wall is the reason why. Any how if there is not a good breeze going through the tent at night it will be soaked in the morning. I mean enough moisture to soak a big rag wiping the ends down. However the rest of the tent never has any moisture on it.

    I bought this tent b/c of the good rap this site gave it any ideas what is wrong with it.



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    I don't know anything about these tents but do they have screened windows? If so keep them open a bit at night to help prevent condensation.


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      Yes they do have windows - thanks however there is a lot of condensation.


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        I think good air flow will be the key thing to go for. If it's calm, I think you're just going to have to deal with condensation. This summer, I used a Henry Shire's Tarptent at two pounds or even a bit less. When it wasn't raining, I'd try to keep the door flap open. If the skeets weren't out, I'd also keep the screen open. Pitching it in a place with a little breeze also helped.

        Still, under many conditions, I'd get a lot of condensation. If it got heavy enough to run, it would just run down the inside walls onto the screen, so it wouldn't get me wet. When I'd sit up in the morning, I might get my hood or balaclava a little wet in spots, but again, I'd never feel it.

        To me, condensation isn't really a big deal. It never adds up enough to get me wet. If the outside of the foot of my down bag gets "wet" when it touches, no big deal. I'm INSIDE the bag and my body heat quickly dries it out. If you pitch a wet tent, it will get tighter as it dries. To me, it's usually the thought of condensation and not the wetness itself that it the biggest problem.

        Anyway, I slept warm and dry every single night, even when it was raining and damp for a week straight.

        I'd just keep wiping it down like you said, and keep using it.

        Good luck!


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          I have a 3R as well as a spike tent. It's best to keep the top and bottom vents open and the tent pointing into the wind. Also, it's best to start as dry as possible. I never bring my wet clothes in the tent nor do I bring anything else in there. I generally just leave my pack outside and only bring my pad and sleeping bag inside.


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            I don't have a 3R but I do have a North Face Apogee single wall tent. Made in 1996 but never used. A friend gave it to me this year. The material is a 3 layer breathable waterproof laminate and the tent has hooded vents. Poles pitch on the inside like a Bibler. Anyway, we just used it on a 12 day sheep hunt for the first time. The first night we had been hiking in the rain, pitched it in the rain in the lowlands in the brush with no breeze. We threw our wet gear inside and needless to say had condensation in the morning. We did not vent it enough either. Later in the trip we got the venting figured out it was great. Also, wet rain gear in the vesibule, duh..... Some condensation but not enough to drip or get wet. And the single wall in the high winds was awesome. Quiet. Keep expermenting with the venting and have a little sponge or rag handy it it gets real bad.
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              Thanks to all - I agree the condensation is most when now air is moving through the tent ie. Calm winds. Last year in Ak it was blowing 40-50 and yes no problem with condensation.

              Just wondering about calm weather - I'll just keep wiping it down

              Alex do you have two or three poles


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                I have a 3R, I had double walls put on the ends at the recomendation of friends that also have them. Helps a lot. You might try contacting Stephenson's and have the ends put in.


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                  Thanks a lot - Must say I love the tent



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                    Stephenson's Warmlite 3R Recommendations

                    The "Endliners" are what Sheep Hunter mentioned above. We have been using several 3R's for quite a number of years. The only one that had heavy condensation (similar to what you mentioned) was the one that was purchased without endliners by another buddy of mine (who didn't know better). One sheep hunt in the Interior was all it took to sell him on adding the endliners.

                    We use them in all kinds of weather here in Southeast and their condensation is very minimal - especially if you leave all four vents wide open (both ends, top & bottom).

                    Depending on where you are using it, I would recommend adding the wind stabilizers, as well. They will increase your speed rating from 95 mph up to 160 mph.



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                      Thanks a lot I think i'll call stepenson's and add the end linners and wind stabilizers to the tent thanks again.

                      Just to make sure this is what you would do if you were buying one and would you get the third pole for the middle or just stick with the wind stabilizers and endliners thanks.



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