Boot liners or not for hunting caribou out of Bethel in mid-September?



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  • Boot liners or not for hunting caribou out of Bethel in mid-September?

    I've been looking a the Schnee's but I'm trying to decide between the Hunter II and the Guide ADV models.

    BTW, Papa Bear Adventures is flying us out.

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    Two years ago, we woke up to 12 inches of snow hunting with Papa Bear in Mid September. I used Meindl Alaskan hunters with 400 grams of thinsulate. They worked great.


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      hunting with Papa Bear

      This is going to be my first trip to Alaska period - I'm craving information. How was the hunting? How long did the snow last?


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        Boots for Papa Bear Hunt

        My brother, dad and I did a hunt with Papa Bear in September of 2004 and had a great time. Dad and I tagged out on bulls the first day and I shot a small brownie that night. Weather was pretty good, we did get some rain and a skiff of snow. I took some knee high rubber boots and just a standard Danner hunting boot, and ended up wearing the Danners the whole time. We were up pretty high and there wasn't a whole lot of wet spots. The type of boots you will want will most likely depend on where they set you down. But I think that if you are comfortable putting some miles on in the Schnee's they would be a good choice.



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          something else to consider

          you might also look at a pair of gore-tex (or similar) waterproof socks. I have a pair of rocky socks that come almost to my knees and they go on over my regular/heavy socks. If you get into something squishy or try to cross a stream that's too deep and you go over the top of the boots you may have a better chance of not getting your feet wet with those and you don't even know you have them on. In addition they dry out really quickly if they get wet and even if everything you have is soaked you can get your feet in these and at the very least have dry feet.


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