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    Yesterday at the rifle range was a fairly busy Saturday. There were four or five people shooting .22s and handguns at the lanes to the north side set aside for them. There were eight or nine people shooting full-size rifles from a .243 and a 30-30 to a guy with a .510 bore wildcat of some kind, and many calibers in-between.

    In the middle of all the shooting, a young black bear (maybe two years old?) ambled casually across the higher-power lanes, at about 210 yards, headed from north to south. We couldn’t believe our eyes.

    The shooting paused and we made jokes about making sure you had your hunting license before shooting any more targets. Someone pointed out we were too close to the road for it to be legal. The bear ambled down behind the gravel berm at 200 yards, and after a while, folks started shooting again.

    Two or three minutes - and at least a dozen rifle shots - later, the little bear climbed back up on top of the 200 yard berm! He sniffed around for 10 or 15 seconds as those who were peering through their scopes (and thus didn’t see it) kept shooting. Totally unconcerned, he ambled back down the backside of the berm.

    Amazed, we got back to shooting. A few minutes later, just his head poked up over the berm again.

    By the time folks needed to go downrange, we still hadn’t seen the little black bear leave the range. Good thing nobody was shooting past 100 meters, or we'd have needed to take our rifles downrange with us.


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    Which range?

    Which range were you shooting at? I was at the Birchwood range yesterday doing some last-minute tuning on my 30-06, and letting my son shoot my .22 rifle.


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      similar stuff

      I've seen similar behavior on Ft Rich ranges. During shot gun training one summer night we watched a lone wolf as it circled the range numerous times before it finally laid down 60-70 yards out. We continued shooting both buckshot and slugs... He never seemed to care...

      One other time we had to call a cease fire while waiting for a cow moose to amble across the range. We were shooting CQB stuff with .223. The moose walked out 200yds down range and just took her sweet time feeding across the range...

      The greatest threat known to all living things... Being lulled into a sense of security.... Deception is a power tool...


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