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  • Getting meat back from Kotz

    Does Alaska Air or Northern Air Cargo have meat shipping boxes in Kotz.?
    Also do either of them have freezers in Kotz.?
    If neither of them have boxes does ANYONE in Kotz. sell them?

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    I generally send a bundle ahead to Kotz. You certainly can't count on getting them there. $20/10 boxes at Costco.

    Not sure about Alaska for freezer space.
    NAC has freezer space but theres a good chance it might be full.
    Everts air cargo does not have freezer space in Kotz, but if you use them it will go through Fairbanks where they will store it in the freezer while in transit.
    There is one more cargo company (can't recall the name), but they share the same facility with NAC and Everts. Everts is the least picky about how you package your game for shipment. I've seen them take gamebags on a pallet, so you might be able to get it back somehow even if you don't have meat boxes.


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      They are on their way.


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        Shipping meat from OTZ

        I realize this is a bit late since you've already sent the boxes, but Northern Air Cargo will accept meat in game bags on a pallet. That's a handy piece of information to have if you're going to have the meat picked up by a processor in Anchorage. Both Indian Valley Meats and Alaska Sausage do airport pickup by prior arrangement; all you have to do is put their phone number on the Air Waybill as the recipient contact number. Leave instructions with the meat as to how you want it processed. Also if you want them to keep your game bags for you, you should note that too. Otherwise, they will probably end up in the trash. Be sure to tag all your game bags with your contact info, so if they get mixed up with someone else's stuff you're covered.

        Naturally this won't work if you're shipping meat outside Alaska on a commercial passenger carrier. Furthermore, Alaska Airlines won't accept meat on pallets as a general rule, though you MIGHT squeak by if it's going in an "igloo" cargo container on the upper deck of one of their passenger / cargo combi aircraft. I haven't tried that, and I'm guessing they won't let you do it. Wouldn't hurt to ask though.

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          Game Boxes

          You can also pick up boxes here in Kotz at Alaska Air, Northern Trophy Air and at Hageland. They are pricy but everything is up here. I checked on boxes as I was picking up some float hunters from Hageland last night.

          Just to post an update on the game and hunting up here, the hunters are finding good hunting with lots of fat animals to choose from. My groups have all done very well doing float hunts this year and all have been 100% so far. The float hunters are having lots of animals to choose from as the caribou are crossing the rivers in mass and providing many more targets then the drop camp hunters are seeing.

          Please remember to plan on taking your meat back home so we donít have any repeat of last years controversy of leaving meat at the air strip for the locals.

          Good luck and if you need any equipment when you arrive give ma a call at 442-3944.


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